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there's something so fundamentally fucked up about not being able to replace the god damn battery in your phone

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how to celebrate #AutisticPrideDay:

• stop making so much noise all the time
• leave us alone, we're trying to get some dang work done
• don't accidentally give any money to Autism Speaks, it's a hate group
• ban ABA
• fuck the police

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lmao apparently someone asked the neopets people why "gay" is still hard filtered and you can't say it anywhere on the site

they... can't find it. they fully intend to let you say it but the site is held together with rubber bands and string. they are looking

I wear glasses, so I basically pay a subscription for vision

TF, you 

After winning your prize (which was suspiciously easy, and nobody else was competing), you step away from the stall, rejoining the crowds. You glance back – and the stall is gone. Not even leaving an empty space – the stalls that were on either side are right next to each other, no gap between them. The crowd swirls around you obliviously. That's when you notice that your hands, still gripping your prize, are starting to itch, and starting to develop fur…

@nall probably

Starting my week my saying out loud “it's Tuesday. OH NO”

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divination-blockchain where instead of boring regular PoW where you are mining hashes with a prefix that is a sequence of 0s you are mining hashes that begin with various divine messages and whichever one gets submitted first is the action that the chain takes
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you ever just make plain spaghetti at midnight and cry? haha yeah me too what a coincidence

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grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghnaijghaghggarahgijahgiahgar rrrrr

Learned the hard way that monads is not a welcoming place. Bizarre "guilty until proven innocent" mentality too.

mh-, RSD 

Wow my RSD is playing up really badly right now. I actually feel physically unwell

@flowless3 I honestly don't know why I might be suspended on monads either, I think I commented once on some monads drama but that's all I can think of?

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ok i cant be kinky at pride but the hets are allowed to inflate pikachu, making it big and round at the macys day parade???

I want to go to the arboretum, sit down in the birch forest there, and meditate

Wasn't paying attention at the bus stop and tried to catch a garbage truck

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