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A Nano SIM is exactly the same length as the width of a USB connector. Do what you will with this information

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lookin at the dartlang documentation rn and

i'm not sure why these kinds of tutorials like to say "you can do this thing in our language, unlike in javascript!" about things you can 100% do in javascript?

From Birdsite: “Without downloading any new pictures, show me your creative process in one image.”

ah but you see I have all of these ADHD memes saved

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Gender is a scam created by the construction industry so that they could be paid to construct twice as many bathrooms in every building

The “road work ahead?” Vine, except that the road work sign is just a picture of a Möbius strip, and the guy says: “Morbius strips? Uh yeah, I sure hope he does”

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Today, I dragged @StuartBeveridge to Chorley to see a fantastic bridge.

Because the railway and canal are at such a sharp angle, a normal arch wouldn't stay up. Instead, the stones are hand-carved in curves so that the joins between them are perpendicular to the bridge's weight.

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I just noticed "foreach" on npm is controlled by a single maintainer.

I also noticed they let their personal email domain expire, so I bought it before someone else did.

I now control "foreach" on NPM, and the 36826 projects that depend on it.

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If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

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"Hello there, my little crepuscular friend."

The fox raised its snout from the leaves it'd been snuffling, startled both by the voice that had managed to sneak up on it, and that it understood the concepts of little, crepuscular, and also friend. It lifted its gaze higher, meeting green glowing eyes. Green!
"Can I... help you," it asked.

"I need an adventuring companion."

It agreed, curious what else it could now perceive and experience.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

The autistic urge to retreat from all social contact and build my own little world in a singleplayer sandbox game for the rest of my natural life

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Someone just whizzed past me on a brightly lit one wheel, leaving a trail of cotton candy vape exhaust. This is the future 80s entertainment predicted.

Real info without context 

The stimulant drug 1,3,7-trimethylpurine-2,6-dione (highly abused among the technology sector) is not illegal, and in fact you can get t-shirts with the chemical structure of this drug on them

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