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University: oh you're back early
Mathematician: pi's cursed
University: what
Mathematician, loading a pair of compasses and getting back in the car: pi's cursed

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like many non-witches, I appreciate Terry Pratchett's depiction of witches & the craft because
* Granny Weatherwax is fucking hardcore (and Nanny Ogg and the rest are pretty good too)
* it depicts being a witch as all about observation, problem solving, and willingness to bluff the universe (virtues even atheists can appreciate) and less than zero to do with learning precise spells/rituals/herbs whatever.

so you, too, can be all witchy w/o training or apprenticeship or tradition!

Technically a sub toot 

When will subway start making gluten free buns? Like I kinda get why (cross-contamination) but get with the times, people

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"You've made this bed now lie in it" is such a weird phrase. I say we replace it with something better, like

"You've laid this egg now hatch it too"

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RT @koboldposting@twitter.com

the kobolds have found the hot glue gun and are now gluing rocks and coins and little metal things on themselves

🐦🔗: twitter.com/koboldposting/stat

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FOSS gripe 

• Please don't spam this channel with beginner questions before reading the documentation, thanks.
° Ok, where can I read the documentation?
• What documentation?

If you're a cervine furry Twitch streamer and you're not beginning your streams with the words "Deer viewers" then what are you even doing with your life

I'm tired and need to sleep but I Just Don't Want To

Autoclaves imply the existence of manual claves

If your username was a function in a programming library, what would it do?

@chr and @quat are both dragons whose names make them sound like standard library functions

(redrafted because I messed up the image alt text)

I store my source code in a version control system utilising a distributed blockchain where each commit includes the cryptographic hash of the one preceding it.

Git. I store my code in a Git repo.

I am going to try and summon kobolds

*Deep breath*


Literally a shitpost 

Every day, someone takes the biggest shit in the world that day, and they probably have no idea it was them

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