Mental health (~), question 

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q. why does windows do [bizarre action]
a. for compatibility. to answer in more detail, we'll need to discuss a flaw in
:brain1: earlier versions of windows NT
:brain2: pre-NT windows versions
:brain3: MS-DOS before networking support had been added
:brain4: CP/M
:brain5: the discovery of electricity

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there are two wolves inside you. can you help them get portal 2 set up so they can do the co-op campaign together. one of the wolves has never played portal before so this should be really fun

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Don't drink and toot, you might end up sharting by mistake

Why do guinea pigs always look like they just realised that they left the stove on

Mental health 

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people really should quit using abbreviations in content warnings. the hell are those random jumbles of letters supposed to mean, especially out of context?

What does "mh" mean in a content warning?

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the speck on my glasses: 🤔

me: *wipes my glasses*

the speck on my glasses: :thinking_happy:

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