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Jogging Butt 

Commission for Jinotheyeen

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Belly smooshing 

Ronana made me draw a big belly!
Commission for RonanRaccoon on twitter

Weather balloon 

Chaotic made me draw a balloon!
Commission for 2Chaotic on twitter

Oh yeah! Content warning is a thing here hhhhhh


Time for you to get fatter~

CW belly 


Something for RonanRaccoon on Twitter

CW belly 

Just a little miscalculation with the suit.

CW butt 

“Zilch shame”
For Zilchfox on Twitter

CW / Belly 

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

CW Belly 

Just a doodle for a lovely hyena friend of mine! DingusHyena on Twitter

CW: Big butt. 

Doors weren’t wide enough!
Oh well she will figure something out.
Something for Rede4cha on Twitter


I will post some of my belly art here as well.

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Inflation, Goo/Slime, Force Feeding 

Aaand another one for good measure. This time it's an art trade with Taylor_Fawks on twitter featuring my bf @Aster

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