My gender is Dragon.

I use Ree/Rurr pronouns.

In my pants, you will find an absurd quantity of kobolds, as well as a live cow. Her name is Whitney Mooston. She was supposed to be a sacrifice to appease me, but she's actually pretty chill. Wants to be a moosician.

Horny on Main, Lube 

Birdsite, Erasure, Label Forcing 


One of my friends from elementary school just messaged me out of nowhere on Facebook to tell me she's starting HRT in a few weeks and I've been a huge inspiration to her. My coming out is what made her start taking a close look at her own feelings.

I'm crying, you guys. ;u;

me when I'm on my no-equipment challenge run of Skyrim and literally every NPC is yelling at me to put some clothes on

Venting, Social Anxiety/Depression 

RL Selfie, Eye Contact, Face Blend 

why is it so easy to pretend to be a talking bunny but so hard to pretend to be a functional human being

Accidental Art Theft/Creator Confusion 


Birdsite, Trans/Homophobia 

Job Complaints, Depression (-) 

Health Concerns, Sleep Disorders 

I've noticed I tend to drop all punctuation when I post about anxiety things because I just start thinking in run-on sentences while my brain derails and my emotions go out of control because I'm low-key freaking out over the dumbest things and the best way to convey that feeling is apparently in one breath with no pauses. *GAAAAAASP*

Tfw you think of something stupid and can't stop laughing long enough to share it with your confused friends even though you know it's not actually that funny and then you feel bad because your laughter is getting them excited to hear about it and now they're just gonna be totally underwhelmed and disappointed and think you're a moron

Dammit. Dreamed about an awesome PvP video game with a unique combat system. Now I can't get back to sleep because I keep thinking about it.

The only similar games/franchises are either several console generations old or tried PvP a few releases ago and scrapped it in later games. I might have to try making something like it in Unity later.

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