Wanting to transform into a big and chubby Bearded Dragon is totally a valid mood.

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I'm starting to lift weights again,

this is the soundtrack that gets me through the last set.


Future Goal: Being part of a Pillar Men or Jojo cosplay in a few years after my muscles are built up.

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Gecko, micro, warm fuzzy feelings 

Why yes, I am working on making sure the new generation of my family loves Reptiles, for good reasons.

One to spread the love of these beautiful fascinating animals and two:

Well, one day I'm thinking about having a Cyclura Iguana or a Sulcatta Tortoise if I can ever get to home ownership.

A Cyclura Iguana can live 50-70 years, and a Sulcatta over 100.

I'm already in my early 30s, I need to make sure that someone in my family would be ready for these guys once I start getting real Elderly.

Needing to be bilingual 

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Considering becoming fluent in the Japanese language, history, culture, and political culture so that way I can watch anime and look for and point out translation bias by subs and dubs done by corporations.


All hail our new Squirrel Sage overlords!

Tiger Tuesday! 

Beautiful Duck picture 

Body image anxiety? Kind of worried about vacation 

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There's a woodchuck living in my barn, and it stole a tool bag from an electrician who's doing some work in there, and she was like, "well it was a soft bag and the woodchuck probably just wanted something soft for her den," which was very kind

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LOOK AT ALL THIS CUTE @_GreyWhite@twitter.com DID

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