Wanting to transform into a big and chubby Bearded Dragon is totally a valid mood.

Leopard Gecko, pet maintenance (+) 

One of the great things about having a Leopard Gecko is that they are extremely clean. My Gecko is cleaner than my Cats.

She goes to the bathroom in the same spot in her habitat, and due to the semiarid setup by the time I see it in the morning it is already dried up and easy to just pick up and take out.

And its not just her, many Leopard Gecko Keepers remark on how clean and tidy their Geckos are.

African Fat-Tailed Geckos are also like this btw.

Transformation, silliness 

Is wanting to transform into a Raccoon and look for interesting things a valid mood for a boring Tuesday afternoon?

foul mood, work(-), us_pol, medical 

After reading this article I'm extremely pissed.

It makes me not want to go to work. To call in sick as a form of protest.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe we should arrange a "sick week" where every Patriot (yes we are reclaiming that word) calls in sick everyday as a form of protest until a national health system is made.

The entire economy will ground to a halt if all the non-rich call in to work sick long enough, we can break them.

US politics, sanctions against US, medical 

I'm tired of non-US people always going "well in our country we have medical care and blah blah blah blah" well whoop de fucking doo

Instead of sitting there and bragging about stuff why don't you do something to fucking help

Lobby your country to start putting sanctions against US and US businesses until the US joins the rest of the civilized world in healthcare. Also charge the US for US Citizens going abroad for basic healthcare, send them the bill

US political non-specific shitposting 

Can somebody please, anybody, play this over the PA system during one of the debates or speeches later this year or in 2020?

Whoever did this would become an Internet God overnight.


Current Mood:

I'm starting to lift weights again,

this is the soundtrack that gets me through the last set.


Future Goal: Being part of a Pillar Men or Jojo cosplay in a few years after my muscles are built up.

Gecko, micro, warm fuzzy feelings 

Just fyi, Leopard Geckos warm up their bellies before they are active and do Gecko things.

In the wild, they wait till around Sunset, warm their bellies up on hot rocks and then go hunting, exploring or mating.

In captivity, most Keepers use an undertank heating pad that warms up the soil, rocks, and caves on 1/3rd of the habitat as the "warm" side, while the far end is the "cool" side.

The Gecko then moves around based on their temperature and humidity needs.

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Gecko, micro, warm fuzzy feelings 

Had a fun relaxing time with my Leopard Gecko.

She was hanging out with me and decided she needed some warmth.

I was laying down and she climbed under my shirt.

Then she started moving around, I tried to keep from laughing as her moving around my belly fur tickled but she found the perfect spot. She laid there for about 15 minutes or so like I was a warm fuzzy cave.

Once she got enough belly heat from my belly, she came out and was ready to eat some bugs.

Why yes, I am working on making sure the new generation of my family loves Reptiles, for good reasons.

One to spread the love of these beautiful fascinating animals and two:

Well, one day I'm thinking about having a Cyclura Iguana or a Sulcatta Tortoise if I can ever get to home ownership.

A Cyclura Iguana can live 50-70 years, and a Sulcatta over 100.

I'm already in my early 30s, I need to make sure that someone in my family would be ready for these guys once I start getting real Elderly.

Needing to be bilingual 

I really need to work on being bilingual. Now that I live in South Texas, it has become nearly essential that I become fluent in Spanish.

I've now gotten to the point where I can do some phrases and simple sentences. Nothing too complex.

But I was really proud of myself the other day.

I got to have a nice conversation about Cuban Iguanas and Cuban Tree Frogs in Spanish with a person who grew up in Cuba. I helped her out with some English phrases as well :)

Current Mood:

Considering becoming fluent in the Japanese language, history, culture, and political culture so that way I can watch anime and look for and point out translation bias by subs and dubs done by corporations.


All hail our new Squirrel Sage overlords!

Tiger Tuesday! 

Queen Barras taking a yawn after getting out of her pool.

Photo by Hemalatha Madathil

Beautiful Duck picture 

Amazing photo of a Rosy-Billed Pochard (Netta peposaca) taken by Dick Daniels.

This beautiful Duck species is native to South America.

Body image anxiety? Kind of worried about vacation 

First not even sure why I'm writing this but this is the only forum I feel safe writing this on.

I'm nervous about going to the beach next month.

I've got some body anxiety issues I've had since middle school. I'm cismale.


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LOOK AT ALL THIS CUTE @_GreyWhite@twitter.com DID


Just admitted to a Coworker that I have no idea what Fort Night is, and was then informed I was even spelling it wrong.

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