Happy Pride!

Awesome art by Calico_Kai of Rikoshi and I showing some Aro pride, along with some pan and gayness.

Been a wild few months of self discovery and all. Couldn’t imagine a better person to share the experience with.

I always imagine I’ll use this account more and just never really do >.>

USPol, violently angry 

So goddamn sick of these right wing lunatics trying to make it illegal to live your life and be happy.
If the revolution ever comes against these tyrants, I won't feel the least bit bad watching these bastards being dragged into the streets.

lame dad jokes 

I forgot a lot about boomerangs but it’s starting to come back to me.
Can you imagine a cat trying to explain string theory? They’d keep getting distracted

I wondered if I had a parrot what it would say then I realized I’d just come home to it meowing.

So I’m told having the first or last story in an anthology is a good thing and I have one of each of those in two upcoming anthologies. :D eee

Makes me feel a little better on a Monday

awful pun/joke 

So a deer walks into a bar and asks β€œWhat’s your best bang for the buck?”

I’ve spotted some inconsistentchees. I will attempt to connect the dots.

naughty thoughts 

I just had the art idea of a comic of my character being fucked from both sides by like gazelles or whatever African game species and the other panel is him back home and the other wolves all eating and they’re like β€œbad hunt?” And he like pats his belly. β€œNah”

MFF was pretty fantastic. As usual, I probably missed about half the people I wanted to see and barely saw many who I did find, but such is the way of cons.

Had some great times with other friends, though. Maybe most importantly I made some new ones.


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