So, I read today that is fucking over their user base by implementing a subscription based license, paid updates and joining meta.

I'm really sorry for all CSP users. I use for all my works and I already saw some comments of people wanting to switch. I love Krita but it's no drop in replacement for CSP. There are still things Krita can't do or is bad at (looking at you, text tool). At least it doesn't cost you anny money to try it out because it's FOSS.

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@Takiro I knew this was coming the moment they added the sub plans for mobile devices. I'm surprised it took this long to be honest.

I'll wait and see what improvements 2.0 will bring, but at least 1.0 can be used until an OS change will break it.

@Gremriel I'm really lucky I'm in a position I can completely rely on free open source software for my art. I know not everyone can transition that easily and I hope it gets better for them.

@Takiro Yes, Krita is a great app, but it still has some rough edges.

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