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A little artwork I made for my partner NyaaaFoxx who currently streams Cult of the Lamb.

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Hey look, it's Mabel.

Another attack I made for this year's . I like drawing things and this Pegasus Pony is very fluffy. I'm just a bit sad that I wasn't able to come up with a better idea for a complete scene.

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[Narator Voice]: "Bunnymoon is preparing the great bunny stampede of Ponyville."

My mental health is still shit so it took me some time to finish my first attack for this years .

In retrospect I shouldn't have chosen a night scene because it screws the base colors.

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I'm rarely proud of my works but for this one I am a little bit, I admit.
I made this painting for my partner Nyaaa.

Nyaaa is showing Twilight the world of video games.
What game would you play with her?

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This is another art fight artwork from 2020 and still one of my favorite pieces.

Seeing more "I made this AI art" posts recently. No, you didn't make the artwork! That's the entire point.

In 2018, a 34-year-old man blew a hole in his throat by holding his nose and closing his mouth while sneezing. The expulsion of air from a sneeze can propel mucous droplets at a rate of 100 mph. He was given antibiotics and put on a feeding tube for 7 d...

Original tweet :

And of course there is the usual pay to work part (considering AI art as work for this purpose) where you have to pay for the minting of the artwork (it's not free) to be considered for actual payment, which probably is in some crypto currency that is worthless in a few months.

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So this just came in, in a art forum I'm in. Tech bros went so far to eliminate the need for artists from en-eff-tee projects and yet are too lazy to generate their own prompts for AI art.

Not to forget other things like calling people "prompt artists", what? And even when we consider AI art original art, how can it be in your personal style when it's generated from other peoples artworks.

New feature soon in Krita: Lambert Shading.🔆

It's a blending mode made by Despair for better shading using a single layer. I gave feedback to adjust the blending mode during its development. The blending mode is really versatile as you'll see in this quick demo I painted:

The Nimrod effect is what I'm gonna call this phenomena where a figure is referenced and parodied so often that actually going back to the original and seeing them be presented straightforwardly is a little weird.

Like, if I wrote a story in which Sappho, the Lesbian showed up, you'd roll your eyes a little. Like we get it, she's into women. But of course Sappho was an actual person from Lesbos and nether of those facts would have seemed auspicious at the time.

Is your cat sometimes looking at you like it's your fault that it's raining outside, or is it just mine?

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