Drawing something from the the front?
"No problem."

The side?
"Easy peasy."

½, ⅓ or ¼?
"I'm rotating the shit out of it."

Even from the bottom or top?

How about from the back?
"What is this alien abomination? Oh my Glob! Why I not draw‽ Argh" [static noises]

Me, age 4: "I want my food to be Dinosaur shaped!"

Me, age 34: "I want my food to be Dinosaur shaped."

It looked like a safe hiding spot but it had some disadvantages.

Another old ink drawing I made.

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elpse fends off flying fruit in a scene whose genesis I do not entirely recall.
not the best thing I ever made but I have definitely put worse ones here and thought they were good!

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Illustrations I've made for Mobilizon: a free/libre federated tool to publish your events, your pages, your information… and to focus on organizing your group. The version 2 has just been released 👍 framablog.org/2021/11/23/mobil
#ccby #krita

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New NFT things: babysongbirdsnft.com , (on blue bird @BabySongbirds ).

Don't buy them: it infringes my moral right (davidrevoy.com/article864/) and they added CC-By compliance just now after fans noticed.

You can collect same pictures here for free with better quality: peppercarrot.com/extras/html/2

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”Rådjuret och fjärilen”

The encounter between a roe deer and a butterfly.

I had so much trouble with the colours, but after a five days of practice and some tutorials I ended up with this. I think I re-drew the entire piece two or three times until I finally settled with this version, which took way too many hours. Kinda pleased though 🙂

Alternative version, full res and progress pics: hingst.se/2021/08/29/the-deer-

#art #MastoArt #DigitalArt

Me who can barely play his bass guitar: [thinking] l should buy a Banjo.

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