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Action: support tennants risking eviction (UK) 

151 Sidney Grove in Newcastle is a group of tenants trying to stop their landlord from evicting them. Amongst the actions they have planned, they are asking people who can, to take part in the 'mass email' tomorrow morning.

They have made it easy by creating a template that you can send. docs.google.com/document/d/18L

More info about the campaign on this short video, here: twitter.com/151sidneygrove/sta

I checked and they would be grateful for support from anyone within the UK, not just Newcastle.

This is their Twitter account twitter.com/151sidneygrove.

#TenantsRights #Solidarity

They could call it "only fools and little ponies"

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They should make an tv animation about little ponies I think it could be popular

Got my ears pierced today didn't I [selfie, no eye contact]

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Freedom News: **Immigration raids blocked in Leeds and Manchester**

"In the year and a bit since the iconic resistance that stopped an immigration raid in Glasgow’s Kenmure Street, mass resistance to raids seems to have spread, with Edinburgh, Dalston and Peckham being three recent examples. This week, it was the turn of Leeds and Manchester to shut down immigration raids. Leeds Anti Raids Action"


#anarchism #bot

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UK folks, would you want to be a member of a political party where you could only be a member if your income was below the national median average for all UK workers of £25,971?

Source: avtrinity.com/uk-average-salar


In Peaky Blinders season 2 episode 2 when Thomas Shelby says "I am a horse"... I really felt that

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Going forward, the fight against fascism is going to be less in the streets and more in school boards and city councils. We need more people to attend these meetings, speak up, and silence the voices of hate in their communities.

It would be so easy to just reach over and grab guitar
But then what would I play?

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@prehensile even more unrelated is this other far side comic i found

Terf antics, request 

Someone in our neighbourhood has been putting up transphobic stickers, can anyone recommend a good source of trans-supportive stickers that I can replace them with, ideally UK based?

I'm a brave horsey who swam in the fast lane this morning

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I want to take a moment to thank trans men for being a great example of non-toxic masculinity (even though I still don't understand masculinity fully and don't vibe with it). You embracing it made me appreciate parts of me that I wouldn't like otherwise, on many levels.

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nice that my job is to get paid to go on computer and share funny posts with little animal creachers

*double-checks contract*


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Slightly good news, for a change. The Horniman Museum in London is to return 72 artefacts stolen in 1897 after razing the enire Kingdom of Benin at the request of the Nigerian National Commission for Museums and Monuments bbc.com/news/uk-england-london including 12 of the Bronzes

Good. Now return the remaining 37, plus the 327 at the Pitt Rivers Museum and the 700 at the British Museum, and make full repayments. These are not our things to keep and gawk at, this is not a legacy we get to have pride in

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