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I'm a gay little horsey, I've been on masto for a while but I'm always up for connecting with new folks
I live in West Yorkshire UK
I love web development in spite of myself
I laugh while pretending to be funny animal on computer
I'm also kinky but I keep it behind CWs

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Rental life 

Wish me luck, i have to email the letting agent about bits of the ceiling falling off

(in anthro cow universe) man I love 90s american power ballad rock group front man Bon Jon Bovine

Kink, vore 

Anyway, i want a pooltoy to vore me right now

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Kink, CW meta 

What's the cw etiquette for when the content of your toot is basically "I like this kink"?
Like if I wanted to post "I want a pooltoy to vore me right now", it feels like just cwing "pooltoy, vore" would be a bit obsolete, but at the same time my other option of "kink" seems maybe too vague

Curiosity poll regarding social media approach.

Please boost because we're really curious about the experience-approach for as many users as possible.

We have excluded two options here and will explain why:

Twitter exclusively: probably not gonna see this poll if you don't use Fediverse at all

Spiderman: We assume everyone would add Spiderman to their options because of how polls work.

mocking transphobia 

What do you mean you don't have a fursona? Everyone has a fursona, it's just basic biology. No, "human" isn't a fursona, you just made that up.

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Having a gender is like having a fursona, but for gender

financial assistance request, boosts please 

so our car broke down. clutch has gone. £400 roughly to get a replacement. without that car my mum can't attend her universal credit meetings and she will lose them, and we are already struggling to feed ourselves and pay our bills. she can't work due to a chronic illness, and nor can my stepdad.

anything helps. if you can't donate, please boost.

thank you :blobcatheart:

Let's get this clear about Monkeypox

It is most certainly not a "gay" disease, anyone can catch it

It's name comes from Laboratory primeapes who were infected with it.

It's main zoological reservoir is rodents

It spreads by saliva and bodily fluids

It's a double helix DNA virus

It's related to smallpox, we actually have a strategic reserve of vaccines

No it's not specifically endemic to Africa

Now stop being a racist and homophobic asshole


This article is about infiltration by the UK police into the Socialist workers party.

Now consider what your chat messages contain and the fact that the EU wants to dragnet those messages. #RFC1984 #masssurveillance

"The surveillance was almost continuous between 1970 and 2007, with huge files being compiled on party members. These recorded personal details such as physical appearances, holiday plans, weddings, sexuality and childcare arrangements."

A website that reviews dnd spells, called CantripAdvisor

What if I did a stream where I just played guitar for a bit?

Take me down to the parrot eyes city where the parrots have eyes and their eyes are prety

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