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wanted: trans feminine 50-75 word experiences about hair 

"'Hair, Untold Stories' at the Horniman museum will showcase unexpected stories about hair. The exhibition will include a wig trail with each wig telling a short personal hair story. They are currently gathering stories and are keen to hear from transfeminine people!"

"If you’re interested, please send a short (50-75) word story of your hair experience to "

I don't understand how anyone uses Reddit, it's so buggy

ukpol, ACAB, how to "breach the peace" with a bag 

"Pink Peacock hasn’t even opened its doors and is already ruffling blue feathers.

On Monday at around 1.30pm, Morgan Holleb and Joe Isaac – founders of the Glasgow-based queer Yiddish anarchist pay-what-you-can café – were tucking into lunch and an episode of Star Trek when they received a visit from the police. The officers told the pair they were suspected of breaching the peace – for displaying a 'fuck the police' tote bag in their shop window."

"Holleb only realised he’d been charged with a crime after seeing a story in the Glasgow Times."

"On Wednesday, the Scottish Sun published a hit piece on the 'anarchy diner', saying it had 'sparked fury by banning cops and ‘terfs’' The following night, a man painted over the shop front, which also had its window smashed on 27 May, though it is unclear whether the attack was targeted."

The outcome, as tweeted by the owners:

"last night an avid sun reader painted over our window, but was stopped by some lovely comrades who caught him on camera and 'took his paint off him and wacked him with his own roller'"

PSA: Sometimes when you climb into a flower to extract its nectar, its pollen will get attached to your body or limbs. This is actually really manipulative behaviour as you are now doing unpaid labour as a pollinator. That is why flowering plants are cancelled.

The Timelords were just rich people who bought up all the time and charged poor people to live in it. The time war was actually a people's revolt, but The Doctor is a revisionist who literally changes history to cover it up.

Here's a picture of a dragon I drew 9 years ago today, for some reason

In the future everybody on the planet will have a Nintendo GameBoy, and they will all be connected through an international digital communications network. Imagine: you will be able to take a picture with your GameBoy Camera and share it with someone across the globe in just minutes!

If pokémon was real I'd be the trainer using open source poké balls that didn't work properly and everyone would be like "why don't you just use Silph balls" and I would be like "because of PRINCIPLES"

Found out yesterday there's a statue of Robert Peel in this city, I know where all my ACAB stickers are going

Tiny plurals who live on the closest star aka sun microsystems

My laptop is not happy about being in direct sunlight. What a wimp.

Can anyone recommend a simple message queue for running on a small site on a VPS with low usage (specifically for queuing incoming webmentions for my blog)?

Making all these protein spikes and antibodies is exhausting

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