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No More Robots, the publishers of Let's Build a Zoo, are hiring for two remote UK-based positions; QA lead and QA tester. For what it's worth, the main guy is very happy to loudly call out homophobia, so that's a bonus point in their favour :D (

The feed reader on my nextcloud instance is broken and ain't getting fixed any time soon. Anyone recommend a reader to use in the meantime?

do you wanna see some cute bug people i drew?

they're all the same species, so you can find gradiants of them withen the species.

I ordered myself a nice gift which I'm super excited about, but it won't ship until February or March :blobcattilt:

Relationships, kink (+) 

Had a heart to heart with my vanilla gf about my kinks, which I sometimes find it difficult to talk about, and was well received. I showed her some gear I wanted to buy and she was kind and supportive. I'm feeling very lucky and loved

NFT shitpost 

(toot from a parallel universe where blockchain was never invented) People are always trying to funge my tokens, it's so annoying but I guess it's inevitable

One good thing about javascript is that sometimes you can disconnect from the Internet after initial page load to stop the paywall from loading

coronavirus capitalism shitpost 

i am simply a humble smol business owner living through hard times and i am begging the government to remove all coronavirus restrictions so that i can once again resume profiting from my smol business: Coronabusiness - the business that gives you coronavirus™️

Everyone in the UK showing off their snow photos huh?

Pooltoy furries = good. Sorry its just scientific fact.

I was planning to go to my first post pandemic munch today but then I got my first post pandemic cold and thought I'd better stay at home feeling sorry for myself instead

money (-), help needed 

Hey, my mental health has been really bad lately and I haven't been able to take on any more commissions, we have only a small amount of income. I haven't been able to afford to pay household bills all month which are £200 total.

I'm slowly handling my commissions again but it's been pretty slow so far, im so sorry ><

Don't deploy on Fridays if you don't want to do emergency but fixes on Friday afternoons!
*deploys a severe bug to production on Thursday that nobody notices until friday*

New rule! Don't deploy

More #Xenia #Linux #mascot #art!
> "rubber duck debugging (i have no programming knowledge lmao) for boli"

By #Zwiebelprinz - if you're on Twitter, please share appreciation directly with the artist!

End the conflation between "data model" and "database schema"


Just a heads up, friends. The founder and CEO of Spotify is now investing your subscription fees into companies making AI weapons instead of paying artists for their work.

Now may be a great time to look into alternatives, yeah?


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