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Anybody know of any UK based grassroots orgs or individuals in need of donations at the moment?

2021 UK Black Pride Survey 

"LGBTQI+ Black people and people of colour are too often overlooked in surveys about the LGBTQI+ experience. In 2018, for example, over 90% of respondents to the UK's National LGBT+ Survey were white.

UK Black Pride represents and makes space for a remarkable range of people, experiences and cultures – and we all deserve to have our voices heard. How else can services and policy be shaped, or funding allocated, if our communities are never asked about what we need?

The findings from this survey will help inform the first UK Black Pride Community Action Plan, through which we’ll distribute funding to our communities through organisations that support them."

The cats tried to follow us to the greengrocer today for a few streets. It was cute that they wanted to go on a family outing but I didn't want to endanger them on the main road, so the gf had to lead them back home.

@pants @balrogboogie The statement that "proprietary ownership of software gives the owner unjust power" is perfectly correct, of course. Because software is a means. But this is true of all means. Private ownership of Amazon warehouses gives the owner unjust power. Private ownership of land gives the owner unjust power. Of apartment buildings. Of natural resources by governments.

The problem with the free software movement wasn't that it defends free access to knowledge.
The problem with the free software movement is that it made sure to sabotage itself, by putting its head in the sand about systems of power and pretending this is a matter of elaborate law codes like a programming puzzle.

This is how there was so much incredible work poured into Linux and BSD etc. only for the Web to end up the way it is today, for e-commerce, mobile etc. to end up the way it is today.

UK pol - please respond to a consultation 

The Tories want to cut funding for university arts by 50%. This will lead to many university arts and music departments shutting and then posh people can go back to hoarding all cultural capital. Working class musicians will keep making music forever, but they'll do so without the benefits of access to higher education. Effectively, access to some art forms will be severely limited for people who aren't ruling class.

There's a consultation on this, which you can do today or tomorrow.

For more information, see this post from the Musicians Union:

The consultation form is long and confusing - it's fine to only respond to the sections about arts cuts and leave the rest blank.

Please do respond to the consultation, or at least spare a boost! This will be catastrophic for arts if it goes through.

I already have the iNaturalist app though so is there really much difference?

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I know this is what they want but I might buy a Nintendo just to play the Pokemon Photographer Of The Year Game

Michael Collins; humour; I don't know if this is inappropriate 

RIP Michael Collins. You really were... In The Air Tonight

Making posts seem
just by
inserting new lines

I've created a #javascript custom element for a basic wysiwyg form control using the ElementInternals api.

I would appreciate hearing what people think!


step 1: draw a yellow blob
step 2: orange upsde down triangle
step 3: black dots

congratulations, you have drawn a baby chicken

I think a part of my artistic process I neglect a lot is listening to new music, and kind of being present when I do. Can't make stuff in a vacuum.

in net freed
by friendly animals,
a crow,
a mouse
and a tortoise.

And I have to not going about this right now because I have a job interview this morning

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