Dentistry work 

Not totally set but I think my character choice in Borderlands is gonna be a sniper/shotgun build for Fl4k. They seem to be the most solo play friendly and that's probably how I'll primarily be playing.

Mudrunner sequel in the snow is gonna be great!


In better news, I learned how to draw and texture a cube in 3D graphics

Wish I could just make games for a living instead of this job not gonna lie

Back in my hometown for the day. They got a CBD oil shop now and the country cafe got replaced by a different country cafe.



Us (2019) review 

Back from after work hangout. It was alright. Not boring and had some decent food.


It's such a weird feeling when I'm certain I watched some video months ago and YouTube is just like "Yeah that came out last week" but it happens all the time.

We got a new record! Project build time is now 1h 6m 10.37s

No idea whether it's spelled Quaternion or Quarternion and this code at work uses both

Got a library card. I haven't had one since probably elementary school. Also got all the mailing done for my ATF Form 1 so now I just have to wait 2-4 weeks for a response.

Game talk 

It's hard to explain to people who didn't grow up in the south how aggressive it is to say "bless your heart, darling"

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