I think I'm gonna try to see Us tomorrow but I've got a lot of stuff I want to do.

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Time for the final of the old James Bond. Die Another Day (2002)

Finished 1980s Bond movies. Next up is GoldenEye to start the final Bond series.

I'm nearly through watching every James Bond movie. I started on the modern ones and have been working through the old ones. I'm now almost through the 1980s movies.

Got a two hour meeting for work today which means they have to give me a sandwich and some chips

I am absolutely amazed I was able to completely disassemble my ps4 controller and fix it myself. I may be a professional programmer but I know basically nothing about working with internal hardware.

I've been watching all the old James Bond movies and it's kinda funny how effortlessly he can be trapped by hot women who he knows are evil. I now understand the Austin Powers movies so much more and kinda want to rewatch those to better get the jokes.

I totally didn't just get jump scared from some thunder at work

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I kinda want to stream Metro: Exodus on Ranger Hardcore difficulty since I haven't streamed anything in a while.

Sorry everyone but I'm gonna disappear for the next three days so I can endlessly play Metro Exodus in a dark room. Bye

I want to like Rainbow Six Siege but having most of my games start with someone team killing me makes it rather difficult to enjoy.

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