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I've got a simple question for those who follow me (or not).
Do you find my art appealing? Either it is yes or no, can you argue a bit about it? I want to know if there's thing I may improve, or if peeps find what I do is nice already.

(You may answer in French rather than writing in English, in case it is your native language, that's fine.)

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Did you know?
I Do from time to time gaming reviews in French on my Steam profile.
If you speak this language and are curious about it, you can find them here :

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Just so you know, I've updated my pricelist for the next year 😀 I'd prolly make a few updates about pixel art commishes, id needed

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About my OCs 

'Twas a long time I want to make some OCs listing of mine somewhere, so what about doing it first on my Mastodon account ?

You can expect to that pinned toot to expand with time, as I'll create more and more characters.

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time !

I am Skye Wilson, some enby raven, self-taught (and still improving) digital artist, and art enthusiast. I do mostly drawings, for almost all audiences (which also means I do lewd stuff occasionally).

Most of my works are on my FA account. You'll find a link to my profile in my... profile here (this is redundant 😅).

Silly Idea 

Tobias wishing to the viewer a "good summorning"

All this occult reading, all this seeking, all this meditating, all this chanting, and what finally made Soreth understand the deep truths behind daily life?

A burrito.

It was a pretty good burrito. But mostly it was the right burrito at exactly the right moment.

Magic is annoying that way.


support me on • buy stuff on • read full comics and stuff on

LEWD (chastity, twinning, demony things) 

Oh goodness oh gosh Joanna looks great in her princess outfit, but what if she got a little..... floofgon influence???

nsfw, threesome, dubcon 

be careful when you summon demons!

Artfight 22 : Another attack!
This time, a protogen I've found interesting. Character is Blueberry, OC from -Featherfur-

Artfight, moral issue 

Is that really OK to report people who do not respect the TOS? If yes, at which extent?

🔞Furry Art!🔞 Suspended bondage 

Pretty kitty ❤️

For @assonix ! This was a blast, love this character!

Another attack for the Artfight 2022!
An animated pixel art idle GIF for someone's not here (Kitsunebi44), and their shrimp OC, Cousteau!

mh/ph(-), dark thoughts, self-harm 

Despite having a few friends to help me in that situation, I feel powerless against that.

I just want to undo a few things in my life, to make it sure this situation never happens.

But now, I'm here, dealing with health problems due to anxiety and depression.
I want to scream. But I cannot.
I want to hurt myself. But my survival instincts bypasses my will.
Why my mind makes me suffer so much?

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mh/ph(-), dark thoughts 

jsyk, I want to avoid people recently, but I actually cannot, because of chat groups on Telegram where i am (but now, was) active. And as said, you cannot block them and see their messages disappear, just like Discord does.

Not so surprisingly, all of this puts me in some sort of dread, dealing with spontaneous tachycardia, on the edge of anxiety crisis and thoughts of harm/self-harm.

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mh(-), software 

If only there's a way to hide messages from specific user on chat groups (à la Discord when you block someone) on Telegram... It'll make my life easier for my mental state.


✨ Ears Fulla Kinetic Energy ✨

{From @ApollyonX69 on Twitttttttt!}

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