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The retro game console offering the best sounds of the video-game industry are:

The Nintendo 64

Not sorry for all the others consoles who got a real audio chipset, a simple CPU destroy your ass
The over compressed soundfonts and saturating violons & trumpets, aaaaaaaaa 👌

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condiment of choice (no further context given)

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J’ai fait un long thread twitter ou j’exprime mon ressenti face aux problèmes qui surviennent chez les furries français.

Oh right I should change my profile picture
Look at this cutie
He's lookin' at you
And he smugg

That suck that we absolutely can't change the account's nickname on the Fediverse, the "Sir" on "SirFhinger" make me want to bite myself

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"Heart of the Alien", not created by Eric Chahi tho but developed internally by Interplay and released only on Mega CD

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I've just learned that there was a sequel of Another World and I'm chocked

Advice for users / Email related 

Oh, hi fellow meow users, do you want a good life advice? Don't do the same shit as me, linking your Mastodon account to an Infomaniak email address (ik[dot]me) and getting away of the instance for some times to the point you'll required to enter a code sent via email when u come back seems to be blacklisted from Infomaniak for some reasons and you'll not be able to come back without the help of an admin 😬

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hate how people on the internet expect you to be emotionally stable if you don't make jokes about your mental health 24/7


New War AND Cross-save + Cross-play soon (probably not this year tho)

I would tell a big lie if I say I'm not hyped

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People of Mastodon, je suis à la recherche :

d'un appart / logement (lumineux, pour la dépression hivernale)

à Paris Est ou banlieue pas trop loin (Vincennes, Montreuil, St Mandé, Villejuif)

avec deux chambres,

pour 1 200€ / 1 300€ (donc environ 600€ de loyer par personne)

Est-ce que tu aurais ça quelque part ?

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furry art, smoochin 

Can't remember if I ever posted this or not but here's a pic from foxvomit of my bat sona Sabi smoochin Sovy


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Sérieusement, à chaque fois que mon post sur les CW tourne un peu, il y a toujours au moins un mec pour venir dans mes mentions ironiser sur le fait que demander d’utiliser des trigger warnings c’est exactement la même chose que du puritanisme. Vous êtes usants et absolument pas originaux.

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