pooltoy transformation 

The Oasis is not responsible for any confusion between the sunblock and liquid latex bottles found in our store. Do enjoy being squeaky if this mishap were to happen.

[ Composite :: AzuleCFulf ]

underwear tailmaw 

pride month drawing ive been wanting to do since the start of this month

gay underwear :3

tailmaw belly 

was helpin choose the colors for the sona :3

[ Flatcolors :: Bleodafi ]

belly weightgain 

hehe sloshy~

[ Flatcolor :: Bleodafi ]

udders paw macro 

realized i should post here more so im gonna do an art dump :3

Belly, Tailmaw 

Thought it would be fun to draw the Dragonflora i modeled for vrchat

i might be attached cause its a really cute species.

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