Ok so ages since I posted here... I’m not dead just more active on Twitter

If anyone both PS and Xbox play Destiny 2 and looking for a laid back clan I have the clan for you!
Check out our clan! bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=3

medical attention 

Don’t need to worry anymore think my flat or upstairs has mould and it’s affecting my chest

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medical attention 

Is anyone from the UK need advice on a medical question about out of hours

Sometimes I forget that there are people on here who aren't ebooks accounts.

@SharkieBarky The chest opens slowly with a creak to reveal its contents:
◽️ Common Tool:
Enchanted, Finnish, neon blue leatherman 🔪

Hoping the PS1 Classic is moddable. It's the only way we're getting Tron Bonne on there. 8U

@SharkieBarky The chest vanishes, revealing its contents:
A chocolate donut. 🍩

Me: 16 gigabytes of ram should be enough for web development
Narrator: 16 gigabytes of ram was not enough for web development

You might notice more of my future toots include photos, links and quotes with them. I’m not entirely sure what I’m allowed to say, but basically i’m beta testing one of my fav iOS utility apps which is trialing Mastodon support.

So far it works as expected, though needing to implement CW and alt text support.

I need someone to help me with a E-Books not for my tweeter

You're relaxing on the couch when a portal opens and out steps an older version of yourself clad in heavy armor. They plop down next to you, open a beer and say, "I quit. You do it."
#writingprompts #writing

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