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an ....
hello I'm Selene, eastern dragoness who is non-binary. I'm married to @DragonFlayer, I'm French 🇫🇷 though I did get UK citizenship.
I'm fairly into such things as bondage, latex, pretty much everything except age regression related stuff.
I'm a software support engineer for a Linux based software company that I won't name but let's just say that depite not being able to see purple to colorblindness I live with a husband who loves it. that stuff is blue and red right?

I'm so tired. at least we have an acalmy in the bloody heatwave.

I decided to play around with DALL-E mini ( to create a cartoon dolphin drinking soda on a skateboard (I'll also put the source of inspiration).
The results were something.
not sure what tags to use.

Sengi is definitely the best desktop client I have used so far - and the only one using columns properly so far too!

yay, ear infection - been so exausted lately. but tested negative to covid!

What is a good desktop client for mastodon for Windows? And for Linux?

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