With the relaxing of the lockdown stuff atm my Mum and Dad visited today while I was on my lunch hour, we sat apart in the back garden, they brought food, drink and chairs for themselves and came in via the side gate. It was nice to chat in person. ^_^ Not seen 'em properly since before NFC, mid-Feb.

Apparently the fire station around the corner from me set on fire yesterday. >_> Fire is getting efficient. :o

Incidentally, as well as increasing the amount of RAM I can have using that channel. It also gives me a quick off function, one knock to the case and instant BSOD! XD

Oh? I think I've managed to get the dodgy memory channel on my desktop working again and it passed a memtest. Was stuck on 8GB, now I'm on 24GB, it'll make a huge difference! :)

Actually made those meatballs again, they are really nice. XD

Last night I was cooking with thyme, ended up making pasta!!!

Made myself a Cottage Pie for the first time in probably 10 years, oh how I've missed it! Cottage pie is my favourite. A little out of practice but it was still nice enough that I stuffed myself full of it. XD

Today has been a lot of fun. Lovely weather and a rather impromptu "street party" where the top half of our street all sat on our drives boozing and chatting while listening to music and singing. XD

Yesterday we had ran out of pizza so made our own using some tortillas for the bases, they were nice. Today made a bunch of burgers, they were really nice!
With the weather being nice, I mowed the lawn and did some weeding. Busy day!

I'm feel like I'm in a strange mood this morning... so I put my tail on this morning, working and being moar dino at the same time!

Next door neighbour, "our grey bin is so full we're having to pay people to come and take extra rubbish away" *They proceed to put recyclable stuff into the grey bin.*
I think I can see part of the problem. >_>

Last night I spent quite a while in Elite Dangerous, shipping people around. You can't lock down a dino with a spaceship! :p In VR I was really removed from my house. XD

Spent the afternoon washing my car, it's all nice and shiny again. :) It was very dusty and not even been driven far recently.
Giving it a charge up even though it doesn't really need it, I don't think I've had to charge it for a month. XD

Spent all afternoon out in the garden cleaning out my desktop, took all the cooling loop apart, washed everything and put fresh liquid in it.
Celebrating a good day and noms with a nice cool Shipyard IPA. ^_^

Meatballs happened and were really nice. I think next time I'll start preparing them earlier. XD
Still got half for tomorrow, will cook some veg to go with tomorrow, I forgot today. XD

Got the mood lighting going while cooking this evening, making Danish Meatballs, but not, as we couldn't find all the ingredients. XD

Looking forward to some time off this weekend, hopefully I can finish tidying the front garden and then might have a good go on Elite Dangerous, or might take my desktop in the garden and clean the cooling loop out!

Wow it was busy in the shops this evening, I guess because it is Easter this weekend But it does make it harder to socially distance, in fact most of the numpties not doing it were wearing masks, twerps.
Anyways, managed to get most things, eggs for some reason still seem rather absent? Are people suddenly eating more?

Been a busy day today, went in the loft and laid more insulation, hopefully that'll really help. Then vacuumed around and then cooked mustard chicken from my new cook book. ^_^ Nom! :p

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