Sketch for video for a cover of cosmop's machine gun poem doll.

If I ever get around to making it.

Anxiety went through the roof today. Spider bites suck.

Worries I was gonna have to visit the ER.

Imma do sleepies now. Vewy tired.

I setup the entire macos dev environment for srb2 just to make this dumb joke.

It's been a while since I've posted. More art progress.

Putting final touches on this part of my ref sheet

I hate the human body. The right side of my tongue stings (used to it seems to be gone now), My left thumbnail broke off way too short when I clipped it so it's super sore, and my left ring fingernail was clipped way too short so now it's growing into my finger and it's super sore. Also my hands are super dry so my fingers are covered in dead skin and hang nails. :revblobfoxtableflip:

Fun fact: this post took 3 attempts to do because the PWA didn't want to function properly.

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