Zoo Braunschweig - Raccoons 05

Braunschweig Zoo in Germany (2018/09): once again "Rotzi" without snot. The sun really shone brightly at times that day.


Zoo Hannover - Polar Bears 04

Hannover Zoo in Germany (2019/07): on the left the female and on the right the male polar bear. The habitat for the polar bears is divided into 2 separate areas with separate water basins.


Yesterday, when I was with a friend, he served me these lemonades from a Turkish supermarket. The red didn't taste like watermelon, but definitely like strawberry. The green one, however, really tasted like mango. I wonder what has to do with bulldogs, though. ^^'

I was in Hannover (Germany) yesterday and also passed by the Ihme-Zentrum apartment block there. On an outer wall I could also photograph this cool cat graffiti.

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