I'll consider not blocking ads when ads stop autoplaying *and* stop becoming vectors for malicious software.

Cripes, it's like mosquitoes lobbying humans to stop sleeping under netting.

Going out into the internet without adblocking software is like standing in the middle of a humid forest without any means of defending/protecting yourself against flying, buzzy, biting asshole creatures.

@RainierBeringer Right now, the adblock and paywalls on newspaper sites is really frustrating during fire season.

Continuing the metaphor 

@RainierBeringer i'll stop blocking ads when they cease to exist, because they are an assault on the sense that no one asked for and no one needs.

@lyliawisteria @RainierBeringer have y'all ever been at a market

hmm 🤔

never mind, when you go to a market, it's usually by choice, so you are prepared for the assault on all senses

@RainierBeringer if the mosquitoes agreed to pay a tiny bit of the rent in return for being allowed to bite you and all your housemates

@sophistoche @RainierBeringer the mosquitos make an arrangement with your landlord to pay a tiny bit of rent in exchange for being able to bite you and your housemates, so your landlord keeps pestering you to take down your mosquito nets and sometimes refuses to let you stay unless you either do that or pay several times more than the mosquitos

@RainierBeringer Add to that when they stop being designed by social scientists specifically to be heuristic-hijacking brain poison. Unless it's directly from the creator(s), there really isn't such a thing as a consequence-free ad, you pay for it in brain space.

@RainierBeringer @salameleon I 100% agree with this and I know damn well that ads pay most of my salary

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