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Canpol question, wastewater 

Stickney WTP in Chicago: What the hell that’s huge
Deer Island WTP in Boston: Many eggs.
Gabal el Asfar WTP in Cairo: ... okay that’s big, really big
Morigasaki Water Reclamation Center: You built. A park. On the roof? Okay I give you major props for that one. That’s hecking creative.

One of my favorite pastimes is looking for satellite images of other cities’ wastewater treatment plants


Leftpol kink meta, incest as an example: 

For context of why my avatar is Reindeer-me looking very ticked off, you can thank everyone who said

"You should be a deer"
"A rain deer"

(No I'm not really mad, just disappointed ;P)

Or this annunciator panel in the control room of a multiple hearth incinerator (decommissioned)

Having to do urban exploration to try to find a motor control center that may or may not exist for a triplet of augers. Or breakers.

... please oh god don’t be in a substation

This is what I miss about living in Seattle, I could take a bus directly from school to home and be there in less than an hour. No need to pay for gas or parking!

Hot Take 

Not in the mood to drive home can I take the bu-
*plans route*
*would arrive at home, 12 miles away, in ~6 hours*
... okay. Walking would be faster.

The one Unrealistic Thing

A bus stop having more than a hundred people at it.
... wait, cons happen. Right.

Forever wondering why my buses in Cities In Motion can only hold 26 people, or why a double decker articulated bus can only hold 30

What is everybody manspreading or something

look i will use peertube when ONE person can recommend me an instance that isnt either run by a nazi, run by a tankie, or infested with nazis and tankies

I still hold on to hoodies I got back in middle school, what in the nine hells

*reads a story about the ecological impact of the fashion industry*
... People throw clothes away what the fuck? This is a thing???

Tonight, me getting red pandas and giant pandas confused. How? Nobody knows.

The real sense of gradualism remains the same: everything in nature and in life changes by degrees, and this is no less true of anarchy. It can only come about little by little.
-- Errico Malatesta

#anarchism #quote #bot

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