Dark Mode is my best friend. And probably will be, forever.

From PR Gnus in Washington, I'm Figuring Things Out As I Go Along

"Why is a rotation indicator important"

"To ensure that the pump motor turns the correct direction"

Me, actually, in the field: "... do we really need that?" *Runs pump* "Okay actually maybe that IS important, disconnect everything and let's actually test it this time"

Anyone interested in buying MTG cards for less than you would have to pay for them online? I kind of want to sell my collection; I don't really play IRL anymore and I have several grand worth of cards just laying around; I could really use that money for improving my mental health, making sure I can pay for my car and my medication, etc.

I have a large collection and a lot of cards, so feel free to ask for what you want. Lots of expensive EDH cards, as well as a few signed ones from when I was working at Mox.

Anyways, hit me up if you want cards :blobuwu:

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Reading Tom Clancy novels just because Jack Ryan is a very obvious self insert character.

whats that childrens literature? you get tf’ed into a dragon for being greedy and arrogant? sorry i couldnt hear you over how good i am at hoarding all this shiny treasure

New fleet name: Beringer's Bathtoys

... Macro-ness aside, I needed a name for a fleet that wasn't incredibly pompous

I have this Big Problem in grand strategy games where I neglect to build up a navy.

And then wonder why I'm getting invaded every five minutes at any bit of exposed coastline

"Hey, uh, before you go, I've got another favor to ask"

*Already has purchased a ride out of the Commonwealth*

Fallout aesthetic: "Listening to CONELRAD broadcasts while Preston Garvey pushes me in the direction of another settlement while I pout like a toddler and refuse to move"

if you experience a collapse in local euclidian geometry, dial 1-800-MC-ESCHR

Watching east coasters wake up like i’m on the Monsters Inc scare floor

“Eastern seaboard, coming online...”

My kingdom for industrial software that doesn’t come with the Ever Helpful Tech Support of “don’t change the computer to DST or it’ll break everything”

Staying awake by redoubling my rounds until I figure out where this weird burnt popcorn smell is coming from

I swear if it’s the malting company next door...

When your party is getting TPK'd and you're just the bard who has sold their equipment, changed their name, and are quickly rowing away from the session in a rowboat before someone blames you somehow.

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