Ace Week, ... Tankies? 

Ace Week, ... Tankies? 

Commentary on "Moral Failures" 

Commentary on "Moral Failures" 

Commentary on "Moral Failures" 

Bad Lewd Joke 

Parenting meta, meds mention 

Parenting meta 

Parenting meta, mental disability mention 

You can get a portcullis dropped on you and the game makes bad puns at you.

Watching Game Overs for the Nancy Drew series on Youtube

Some of these are feckin' DARK what the heckie

Me, sitting in the basement of Lubyanka:
No, I will never disclose the location of Project WALDO

If there’s one thing that Choose Your Own Adventure books from my childhood have taught me, it’s that Literally Everything Is Dangerous

the greatest thing the right has going for it is that it has so condensed its worldviews, ideas, and propaganda into little bite-sized ideas like the 14 words that it can spew them endlessly and easily to people while leftists have to write novellas to define even basic tenets of leftism like how leftists view class

i will reiterate my call for leftist theorists and thinkers to please learn to say shit in plain english so you don't literally need a PhD in marxology to disseminate and dissect their ideas

(also it would save us from so much sectarian conflict over ambiguities in meaning)

in the meantime if anyone knows about accessibility software that would help someone with tremors type better please suggest! (boosts +)

I honestly wonder how much electricity we could save if we stopped illuminating billboards at night
I wonder how much more we could save if we eliminated corporate internet advertising and data collection for advertisement purposes altogether

Responses to boring transmisic jokes 

Putting two cats who despise each other in the same room is Mewtually Assured Destruction

Okay enough of my angry rambling it’s time for some adorable. Art done by a friend of mine,!

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