On one hand, snow is awesome

On the other, it can make driving a pain

On another ha- wait, that's a foot

... when did I become a taur?

On one hand I want snow.

On the other, Portland in snow is basically Bumper Cars

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Welp. Adding “Rectangular clarifier” to the list of things i’ve broken xD

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What do you mean there’s gonna be a Just Cause 4

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New Law: if you require an uploaded resume, but also all of the resume information retyped into your html form, it is now legal to burn down your business

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Prefacing my questions about issues with intracity light rail options with

“Trouble with the trolley, eh?”

Also: It's now Mowstodon. That's right. Mowstodon.

Wait how am I still tired after getting seven hours of sleep

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