Kropotkin developing a wild west video game: Bread Dead Redemption

Interview, Capitalism's Bullshit 

Mowingham-In-The-Hole has collapsed due to excessive cold.

If this was a city of sneps this *wouldn't be a problem*

I've decided to settle on New Mowsborough. Alternate option was Mowingham-In-The-Hole

Attempting to come up with Victorian British-sounding Furry names for towns is quite a mental exercise

If Subway calls their employees sandwich artists

Does that mean you're commissioning a sandwich

Curiously digging in the direction of chanting thinking I'm going to find a Lovecraftian hellscape when I end up finding something worse

The Wal-Mart chant/cheer.

Ableism in Environmental Movements 

Tired: Video game glitches and bugs are horrible and need to be fixed at all costs

Wired: Insistence that all glitches and bugs be fixed before mass distribution puts an unfair amount of stress on individuals who create video games, who often face hostile working conditions

Inspired: Bugs and glitches are their own interesting art form

ph update (-) 

Door to local store locked. It’s midday. Everyone else is open. The sign says it’s open.

Turns out when that mage built their spire home up on the mountain it somehow broke this specific store in this specific town

Local Mother types “TCL” and walks through walls

Local Teenager Types “player.giveitem 0000000f” and becomes a decillionare in milliseconds

Economic systems are broken everywhere because This One Local Mom discovered the wonders of the developer’s console.

“And in news today, a driver on Interstate 5 inexplicably clipped through the roadway, ending up 2000 feet above the terrain before landing in a field several miles away.”

If IRL had Bethesda bugs I’d be enjoying it a lot more

A far future where the Mathematics Guild tests teenagers for aptitude by giving them a series of tricky mathematical puzzles. The criteria for joining the guild is not performance, but whether they enjoyed doing it.

ableism, whisper networks, self-defense, abuse 

Left Meta on Incarceration, Victims Rights Movement 

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