Feeling helpless, hopeless, and like I don’t actually matter to people. Even our cat doesn’t like me.

I give up. I’m gonna go curl up in bed, sleep as long as I can, and pray I don’t end up waking up still in a flashback.

mh (~) 

UPDATE: once is a fluke, twice is a valid coping strategy???

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I’m a dink, we’ve been here 5 and a bit months already. Then again, it’s 2020 and time has lost all meaning, so.

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T+ 4 months since we moved into the house, and things are slowly but surely coming together. Bought and built a bunch of new shelves for the reading room, which means the old half-height shelves have been downcycled to mtg and lego duty. Progress!


Is this anything? I feel like the answer is no, but that’s never stopped my brain before.

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Bill Cipher the Science Wifer

mh (~) 

Apparently the thing I needed to pull me out of a multiday flashback was a well-executed shitpost about how much cptsd fucking sucks.

I’m distressed by how unsurprising this is in retrospect.

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Hyper Light Doe-rifter for @Balina and !!

As soon as I saw Bal say the word Doe-rifter I just, I just HAD to the idea popped fully formed into my head

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We're a little less than two weeks away from #Korpscon2 , so I figured I'd post our event schedule! Tune into from August 21st through 23rd to catch all the sensationally sinister streaming action!

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Excited, gonna be co-hosting my first panel at a convention soon!!!

I forget what time slot we have but if you wanna watch, tune into the Cipher panel during KorpsCon on the 23rd!

cPTSD, mh (---) 

Mom keeps texting me. I so desperately want to write something to my mom to make her feel even a fraction of the pain she’s caused me. I haven’t had a day without a flashback in months. And I’m just...hurting so much.

But I know I shouldn’t. I blocked her number instead but it’s... not satisfying enough.

LB: it’s me, I’m the wall.

I’m begging y’all to encourage people to be more creative with their insults.

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twinning kink trashpost 

fairy: Can I have your name?
Grace: Sure!
Grace: Thanks!
Grace: :3c
Grace: Hrm, wait, it's not supposed to work like this.
Grace: >:3c

work (+?) 

Second week on my own in my new position and I think? I have a maybe-okay handle on the day-to-day stuff?? At the very least I haven’t imploded from stress yet.

Mostly I’m worried about doing right by the two people who report to me now; I have a hard enough time making sure I’m taking care of myself...

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What's the point of building a giant mecha version of yourself if not to fire it up at night and have a picnic by cannon light

for @BestGirlGrace !!! I got more than a little carried away with the gay for this

#furry #mecha #mastoart #queerartist #transartist

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I have zero years of graphic design experience but please consider this skunk logo

This is not my beautiful house
This is not my beautiful wife
This is not my beautiful life

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