I seriously hate it when people use func_brush to make kitchenware or a bed and/or pillow in Hammer (Map creation tool for all games running on the Source Engine. e.g. Garry’s Mod)

It’s not aesthetically appealing at all. It looks like the beds from the dwarven ruins in Skyrim only worse. It also can’t be removed with the Remover tool in Gmod nor be moved by any method other than editing it in Hammer.

I’d call it laziness but it takes more effort to do than to just use a prop model.

Macro/Micro. Doom series reference 

Macro/Micro. Doom series reference 



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My app got a wolf head for this shit maso shark thing That be what it is right? Hell yeah boy.


Going on my first business trip. Do I get my man card now?

Dreams lose meaning when they seem just out of your reach. Makes you want to not have them to begin with until you start seeing results that point towards it even being a real possibility and not just a by chance event.

Finding a job can be such a pain in the ass

I need more personal telegram stickers so I can quit using others

Is today Snout Day? Because all I see are snouts!

I really need to start posting more here. Even if it just random stuff in my head.

So I am gonna have a polyp (or at least that’s what the doctor thinks it is) cut out of my right nostril that’s been inside it for weeks. Then I get the inside of my nose cauterized to stop the bleeding. Should be very interesting tomorrow.

Woo! I get to learn TIG welding today @ Tulsa Welding School!

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