Belated Paw Day 

A bit belated but here’s my contribution to Paw Day

In character lore 

Man I am shedding my winter fur like crazy. Heck I was able to pull off huge clumps of my fur. Though I see some beautiful scales underneath. Gonna look hot in the summer time. Oh wait. I always look hot. This here’s a sexy boi~ ~.=.^

strength flex 

Weight of the world on your shoulders? Give me a real challenge.

They say you cannot move mountains? I beg to differ.

*Watches a video about how soap can literally rip the Corona virus apart*

So what you’re saying is Dawn is basically the soap equivalent of duct tape. AMASS THE DAWN ARMADA! AINT NOBODY NEED TO HORDE NO TOILET PAPER!

Never have I understood how the characters Ed, Edd and Eddy felt like I have now when I am a quarter short of buying a Monster energy drink from the vending machine

I ain’t looking forward to seeing my best friend leave to go back home tomorrow. But all good things must come to an end.

I am disappointed that I cannot change my profile picture on the Amaroq App

foot fetish 

Just got back from exercising with my best friend. My feet are all sweaty now.

paw worship advice from a dom 

For those who wanna impress their owners by showing off some new tricks when it comes to paw worship, try this...

Use your lower or upper set of teeth to gently scrape up any grime from your master's feet. Not only does it tickle sometimes for people like me, it's also very enjoyable. It also shows how devoted you are. Wish can earn little pets like you some special privileges. Especially if you put someone like me in a very good mood.

paw, possible macro/micro 

I think it's rather telling how much a slave loves their master when they caress their master's ankles while nuzzling all over their foot if they can reach it. Bonus points if they freely offer to put on thier master's anklets for them without being asked.


Man I wish rugs made of micros were a thing. They'd feel great to walk all over.


Man I can't believe how sweaty my paws can get sometimes just from wearing flip-flops

I seriously hate it when people use func_brush to make kitchenware or a bed and/or pillow in Hammer (Map creation tool for all games running on the Source Engine. e.g. Garry’s Mod)

It’s not aesthetically appealing at all. It looks like the beds from the dwarven ruins in Skyrim only worse. It also can’t be removed with the Remover tool in Gmod nor be moved by any method other than editing it in Hammer.

I’d call it laziness but it takes more effort to do than to just use a prop model.

Macro/Micro. Doom series reference 

To clarify, yes I will also build you armor to wear so you can feel more the marine. Yes you can keep said armor and weapons. But only if you succeed in eliminating ALL the ants. I will also not be held liable should you fail the mission.

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Macro/Micro. Doom series reference 

So I found an ant hill in my backyard. Instead of doing the logical thing and just using poison. I have elected to give one lucky team of micros some properly scaled shotguns, chainsaws, chainguns, pistols, and rocket launchers or grenades and a shit ton of ammo and y’all can pretend you’re playing Doom. Will you be the lucky winner?


Why use a towel for foot soaking when you could have thousands of tiny micros tied together? Just think of the humiliation they’d feel! Bonus points if they were once normal or even macro sized.


Micros in a package that you can dump in a small tub and put your feet in while they rub and clean your feet seems like a very marketable idea. But I’m probably biased due to how fast I’d buy something like that.

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Rub my feet leeme fucking jack off to you licking my feet like a good bitch. You's a goood girl

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