Hey guys! For those who do commissions, how do you send your art to people? Also, what's the best site to do money through? I've heard some are worse then others. Thanks guys! Boosts help!

@PrincessBunny i like to send a full size to the customer's email so i'm not sending a smaller size here, or on discord (which desaturates the colors anyway for some reason)

i take payment though paypal, venmo, and my ko-fi. paypal sucks bc of the whole deadname situation, but idk what else to use tbh :/

i also use commissio, which handles all that, including sending the fullsize over once the project is completed

@PrincessBunny what kind of art are you sending? for usps I use

@VirginiaStanton its my friend making them. I think she draws it out on paper and scans it into her pc. Ill see if she can mail physical copies to!

@PrincessBunny cash app is best inside the usa, but paypal is most ppls pref. You need to send invoices tho & can never ref nsfw in any way.

I tend to attach files via email but i can also use stuff like my own site or google drive if ppls inbox cant handle a file

@PrincessBunny i usually send just via masto DM but i've also used telegram and dropbox

paypal sucks But imo it's a good go-to for seller protection if you use invoicing, and most people have it

@PrincessBunny I've used email and paypal for convenience of customers but it's not the best solution all the time.

@PrincessBunny also you can run commissions through Kofi now. Which makes it probably the best all in one solution.

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