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Those two videos are why i shouldn't play micro transaction games because I'm spending all my money to get a seashell

I also got my name changed at the pharmacy, so my hormones wouldn't ironically have my deadname sticked on the box

I acquired my medicine and links awakening, so today is already good

Besides all the memes and stuff, hotel mario is a pretty fun game and I really don't get the common opinion that the game is total garbage.

I had a dream about having a homestuck troll gf and she was pretty sweet. I think she was either jade or teal. We watched a movie and then i woke up :(

You wanna be cool? All cool kids have like 5 twitter accounts. Step your game up, punk.

It's a pretty good idea for older people or people who have a physical disability. Because those people exist as well, you know.


This is not a good idea.


I'm doing it! I'm actually going to catch up on friendsim and eventually pesterquest. I did like 3 trolls today

I'll do another raffle of i reach the homestuck number on my Twitter followers before the end of the year

I just realized something. How will I handle putting both my sonas in my avatars??

Holy shit that nepeta is adorable!!


Psst... hey you! If you like please take a look at these pretty sweet microplush designed by and vote for your fav in the next tweet... for... uh... no reason in particular...


I think i spend the most time so far on my next drawing oof. Will be posting it soon!

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