I still can't believe beans on toast tastes that good

My name is Cynthia.
You killed my friend.
Prepare to be a weird bot that does not make sense.

RT @StripyDragon@twitter.com

My name is John
You killed my son
Prepare to be a member of the University of Edinburgh


🐦🔗: twitter.com/StripyDragon/statu

no cheating (even if the pic is weird)!

brighten/worsen my day w the 5th picture in ur camera roll

don't explain unless i ask u to then repost w the number i give u

Which season do you like better: fall or spring? — Spring by far. Fall is so muddy and messy. Everything is just gross curiouscat.me/PixieCatSupreme/

Sometimes I think about how cute and sweet of a character Klonoa is and then a character like bubsy got a remake

My part of an art trade with DidUKnowGayming of their swaggy Ribombee. Hope you like! <3

I made a telegram channel that updates when I post new art on twitter. Join it if you'd like! t.me/artbyacat

After all these years, Caramelldansen still is fucking slapping

I've to slap myself on the wrist and actually make up game ideas that fit in 1-2 hours or less.

What tool do people use to find a winner to a raffle? I'll need something like that when I get my milestone

Usually I first create a character before I name them, but this time I want to make a character I can name Potato Chip

I still can't get over how everyone collectively are calling sexy Ganondorf "hydrated" now. Omfg

What if they just made a new eevee evolution for every other type. That'd be insane

Imagine making a paid cloud saving service and having two of your biggest time sink games not use it because people might cheat in a singleplayer game

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