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other people's idea of the perfect body: skinny, clear skin, ect.

perfect body for me: cat. please i just wanna be in a cat body. please i just want to be a cat. ple

i gotta draw this character a few more times bc i wanna have references for all of his outfits but here's the design!!!

ive been needing a new pfp for a while, so i made one!!

photographs by Deglee Degi and Kristy Kravchenko on Unsplash

[Image description: a drawing of a brown cat with green eyes. the background is a photograph of a forest and a waterfall]

cartoon blood, drawing with ec, uncaptioned 


also postybirb wont let me log into deviantart so dA posts will be on hiatus for a bit

photo credits: Timo Volz and Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

[image description: a drawing of a calico cat]

i have no clue what im doing when it comes to painting skjhfsdjf heres an attempt

[Image description: an attempt at digitally painting an angry orange and white cat. i tried okay]

hhhhhhhhhhhh i dont wanna draw today and i dont have anything to post so here's a drawing from an old project that will never be finished

[Image description: A white cat looking into a dark cave. There is snow on the ground.]

i like how spam bots put a pic of a person as their profile pic and have their username be a real name to convince people that theyre real

like. this is a furry site. nobody does that and it makes the bots stick out more bc their the only ones without an anthro as a profile pic and a made up name as a username

the latest feed on weasyl is flooded with spambots right now kgjdkhg

nobodys gonna click on ur movie links that prob have malware, spam bots


i might be getting hyena agenda buttons for christmas 👀 hopefully

me: "i wish i could draw/paint backgrounds better"
also me: *never does backgrounds*
me: "i just dont know why im not good at backgrounds! its a mystery"

the only time i make character references is when im procrastinating on animations

the only time i make animations is when im procrastinating on character references

[Image description: A character reference of a grey and black lion with shackles on its front legs]

a thingy i made to post on (which is the website that the character is from)

my username is Pixelated_Prophecies on pixpet if you play it too!

uploading more art that i made a long time ago but i dont think i uploaded

i was listening to "Ancient Aliens" by Lemon Demon on repeat and so i made this character completely on impulse

i made this a while ago but i was procrastinating on fixing an error with the reference but i got it done now skfskdfskd

[image description: a drawing of a fluffy orange cat named Squirrelflight]

yall hyena agenda released new halloween shirt designs and i have a intense desire for witch cat shirt

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