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other people's idea of the perfect body: skinny, clear skin, ect.

perfect body for me: cat. please i just wanna be in a cat body. please i just want to be a cat. ple

YouTube Link 

[drawing] ec, no image description 

[drawing] cartoon blood 

[drawing] eyestrain colors 

[drawing] eye contact maybe??? no image description 

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an angery boi

the scarf was more difficult to draw than i expected it to be for some reason?

[Image Description: A fluffy brown cat wearing a red scarf and a ushanka.]

new pfp!!! bc i will never settle for just one fursona!!

[Image description: A drawing of a black and white cat.]

youtube link, uncaptioned image 

youtube link (flashing, eyestrain, cartoon blood) 

self promo, vlare link 

finally did this since i saw it going around on social media! there's a blank image included if you want to do one too!

honestly this might be one of my favorite character designs, im love them so much

[Image description: A drawing of a grey cat sitting.]

i gotta draw this character a few more times bc i wanna have references for all of his outfits but here's the design!!!

ive been needing a new pfp for a while, so i made one!!

photographs by Deglee Degi and Kristy Kravchenko on Unsplash

[Image description: a drawing of a brown cat with green eyes. the background is a photograph of a forest and a waterfall]

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