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other people's idea of the perfect body: skinny, clear skin, ect.

perfect body for me: cat. please i just wanna be in a cat body. please i just want to be a cat. ple

Character belongs to LeafyTheDragon on

lsfjslflfjsk i gotta get more practice drawing dragons

i think im finally getting better at drawing canines!!! Character belongs to nappez on Colors! 3D/Artfight

I won't be animating because of Art Fight, so here's a speedpaint! Character belongs to rookon on Art Fight/rookruff on Twitter.

Link to speedpaint:

link to my art fight profile (

heres my art fight profile!! i do ferals and anthros, and my profile has a list of stuff that i'm looking to practice

edgy warrior cats designs are my favorite thing and i cannot get enough of them. apparently my taste in character design never left 2008. anyway, have a goth alderheart

if you had "wolfy" or any variation of that in your username as a kid then youre automatically a furry

im back from hiatus!!! here's my new good child that i received in a trade!!! xir name is bug and i love xem

I'll probably be on a short hiatus from social media, so I won't be posting until I'm not on hiatus anymore. Just wanted to make sure nobody thought I was ignoring them if you send me a message while I'm on hiatus! I might check in once in a while, but I can't be sure.

tried to redesign a character slightly but i'm not sure if i'll keep the old design or use this one

animal death 

idk who the video game black panther is but i like them anyway

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