New fedi friends: how are you liking it here so far? What are your first impressions? I am curious what you think of our community.

Boosts appreciated. I would like to poll a large sample 🙂

@PetrichorSquirrel hi! i joined yesterday and i already enjoy the atmosphere a lot. it's refreshing to be on a kinder platform

@MarshTurnip agreed. I think the tone of fedi is accepting and mostly chill.

@PetrichorSquirrel So far I like it quite a bit more than most social medias I've been a part of. It's got less background noise (I don't really use federated, don't like it) and the cw feature is just great.

@rensilas yeah, CW's are a great feature; So is a community that respects them. And having a home instance definitely feels cozy.

@PetrichorSquirrel I've had my account for a while, but it's been idle for most of that time. The tone is so drastically different. I feel safe and I'm not used to that.

@parchmentscroll safety is foundational to social participation. I am glad you feel safe here.

@parchmentscroll This is one of the highest praise I can hope for as an admin that folks feel safe here.

@PetrichorSquirrel I'm enjoying it a lot! I feel a lot less anxious interacting with people here compared to how I felt on twitter too.

@PetrichorSquirrel feels cosy. Like the very first days of twitter when we really just used it as a group text

@PetrichorSquirrel I like it a lot, it feels welcoming and cozy here, though I still need to get used a bit. :blobcatcoffee:

@PetrichorSquirrel I'm still exploring the fediverse, and so far i'm liking it. 😄

@PetrichorSquirrel been here for acouple days or so now and the vibe here is really nice. Liking the smaller scale of things and just seeing more actually ppl. Really looking forward to what the future holds for us here. 😄 👍

@PetrichorSquirrel i like it the way we can choose instances we like. The only thing is that we can move our account, but not with our post and media, just follwer and basic thing.

@rohmatsb agreed, I haven't needed to move accounts but I have been curious.

@PetrichorSquirrel I started using this platform as of a few days ago, and frankly, I've had more interaction in those few days than I've had being on Twitter for 3 years (give or take). I'm loving this place quite a bit. The people seem friendlier, and drama free.

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