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See yourself in all beings, and see all beings in yourself.

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May all creatures be well and happy. May all creatures be free from fear and pain.

on the internet, no one knows you are a kitten

unless you tell everyone, like i do!

one can never possess enough clamps.

you think you have enough clamps?


Tim Horton, you make serviceable baked goods 🍩🍪

Consciousness talk 

Consciousness is an epiphenomenon that arises out of the flow of information across time and space. It is a mechanistic outcome that derives from the first principles and laws of physical reality.

This doesn't make it unreal or unimportant. But it does contextualize our experience.

Canadian election 

All the parties have more in common than different, so they super exaggerate their differences. None of them are advocating anything that is fundamentally different.

Canadian election 

Today's election doesn't feel like a particularly important one, which is strange given all that has happened since the last one.

The dirty little secret about art is that if you do something long enough, often enough and confidently enough, people are eventually just gonna assume that you meant for it to look like that.

got a double yolk in my breakfast eggs this morning, an omen for a good day

In The Aeroplane Over the Sea always hits me in the feels.

*clicks the 'like' button on a good post* I am supporting my community. I am doing my part.

Hi there, person! Are you considering getting a PhD? Are you in the US?

I just want you to be aware, because you might not know, that depending on your field there might be another country where you not only don't pay tuition for it, you could even get a salary.

I'm not saying it's trivial to get in, that it has the same status as wherever you're considering, or that it's easy for you personally to move to another country, just ... you don't have to assume that paying for the privilege of doing research for a university is a given.

Hope this helps.

What a relief that weekends don't actually end and just last forever.

If you become a furry, your fursona could be any animal you want. The choice is yours. You could even make your fursona your favorite animal! The possibilities are endless!

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