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You'll always have the little cartoon demon riding your left shoulder. It is up to you to love him, and stop taking his suggestions as commands.

His suggestions helped you survive at one point. They come from a place of love and compassion; but unforuntately, not wisdom.


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All beings love life, all beings fear pain. Treat all beings as yourself.

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See yourself in all beings, and see all beings in yourself.

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May all creatures be well and happy. May all creatures be free from fear and pain.

Are self-signed SSL certificates less secure than one issued by a CA if I just want to mess around with a hobby FTPS server?

I have noticed that when I just walk by a squirrel the creature does not typically react. However, when I stop to observe it the creature typically notices that I am watching and starts acting uneasy before retreating.

Please don't call Twitter 'birb site'

Twitter does not deserve to have a cute/endearing nickname

A commission for Webster... you're totally allowed to park it there, yeah?  [2022]

Say what you will about windows, but at least it saves shit in intuitive locations

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I find the directory structure in linux confusing. im sure var, bin, and tmp mean something. but their true meanings are lost to the sands of time.

However Flareon is the only fully evolved Fire-type Pokemon that cannot learn SolarBeam

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Okay I figured it out - I now have an app on my phone that will sync the entire filesystem on a daily basis to my FTP server when the phone is charging and on WIFI.


Does anyone use FTP to backup their phone? I've been able to get it to work for single file transfers, but all the apps for android are real janky and don't seem to support a routine sync. I'd like to be able to set something up and routinely push my photos or whatever to my FTP server. Anyone have any leads?

I don't know what I'm doing at all, so I'm never going to host anything that requires security. A few things that I would like to do:
-Get a dedicated machine for it (currently running on my laptop)
-Make it more than text
-set up an FTP server

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I am finally self-hosting a website. Check it out:

Most important meal of the day

Me, the guy who uses their home computer for web browsing maybe once a month.

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At least, we should bring back turbo buttons. Maybe instead of nerfing the CPU they can control overclocking in real time?

I'd love to be like "I NEED MORE POWER" and crank up the clock.

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