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May all creatures be well and happy. May all creatures be free from fear and pain.


What right do I have to feel sad, stressed, or angry? Almost everyone else has things worse than me. Why do I have this perspective rationally, but not emotionally?

🎢 Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves in to πŸ€πŸ€

Convincing myself the Research Ethics Board is playing 4d chess when it asks stupid questions about my study as a test to see how familiar I am with the protocols I submitted.

Do you ever say 'squirrel' out loud just so you can hear the word 'squirrel'?

Anyway I think the rise of visibility of trans people in general and NB/GNC people in particular has probably played a direct part in gender reveal parties being such A Thing in recent years as reactionary transphobes subconsciously try to find ways to reaffirm their worldview

much like cryptozoology is the study of animals that don't exist, cryptocurrency is the study of money that don't exist

Rabbits are cute. That's all, thanks for your attention.

Toppling statues of racist symbols is super effective activism because it *forces* indecisive institutions to take a side. It impossible to equivocate and perseverate behind meaningless mealy-mouthed bureaucrat speak when there is a statue on the ground, and the institution must make a decision about what to do about it.

If they're going to put the vandalized and toppled statues of leading settler-colonialist figures in museums to preserve history, I hope they're exhibited in their broken and defaced states because surely that's a part of history, too.



When I play pee like a dog I do it in private, like a normal person

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So i was watching my nieces swimming and on multiple occasions they would get out of the pool and squat on all fours and start saying "pee like a dog pee like a dog" and then pee onto the patio through their bathing suits, causing their parents to yell at them

I just really wanna repost this Behold drawing I did a while back I love it so much still

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