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All beings love life, all beings fear pain. Treat all beings as yourself.

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Falling, back down and arms outstretched, into the Abyss. I accept and internalize the realization that everything is always broken, nothing can fix our untenable situation, and the only thing that matters is how kindly you treat people.

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See yourself in all beings, and see all beings in yourself.

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May all creatures be well and happy. May all creatures be free from fear and pain.

If you're spending money on a freaking avatar, at least have the basic decency to make it custom art you commissioned of yourself as a cute animal girl

personal, physical health, sad 

I'm going to ask my doctor for a penectomy consult because I can't bare the pain anymore.

I am cis male.

I've sat on a few hiring committees. It's never come up, but if I were interviewing someone who had a gap on their resume I wouldn't ask about it because the details of their personal life are none of my business and have no bearing on the job.

I like sending furries pictures of their fursona species.

I feel like I spend about %40 of my work day in e-mail hell 😑

»2000s iTunes:
"hey buy this content! It has DRM!"

2010s Bandcamp:
"hey buy this DRM-free content!"

2020s #NFT marketplaces:
"hey buy this content-free DRM!"«

They call it ranch dressing because cowboys would slather it on like sunscreen instead of wearing a shirt

Gamma knife is one of the most fascinating surgery techniques.

And now for some OCs. Basically all 'clones' of sort from whatever species my sona Hif is. Let's call them "Hiflings"

Hifling: Dif [2016]
pronouns: Any
Interests: Transforming, shrinking, exploring

#furry #furryoc #hifling

Gross food 

Cod liver in its own oil
Ingredients: cod liver in its own oil, salt

Website: It looks like you're using an Ad Blocker. How could you be so cruel? 😢

one of the most frustrating features of my subconscious is that it still carries highschool-related anxieties which play out in my dreams. At least once a month I have an anxiety dream that I'm back in highschool and and if I don't do a specific thing I won't graduate.

I'm 34 years old and I have a master's degree.

It's hard to believe *inflates you big and round* is only a year old... feels like it's been with us forever, like a childhood friend

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