More seriously, I love finding out trivia and im kind of hoping people will be confused and look it up, like I did once upon a time

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The tiffany problem is a particular thorn in my side cus I just plain do not believe in sacrificing accuracy for the take of reader's assumptions.

I once wrote a story with a bazooka (the musical instrument) in it, I can't be stopped.

Can't spell Spockanalia without Spock and anal.

Every time i use the word Analgesics I have to check that I spelled it right cus my brain can't quite believe it's spelled that.

Analgesics would definitely not be out of place in a medieval fantasy, and I'd consider the term "painkiller" a soft anachronism at worst. They may not have used it at the time, but I can just about imagine someone coining it.

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I just learned about the Tiffany problem, put short it's an issue in writing when certain things, such as names, are genuinely old, but feel too modern to readers.

I ran into this problem when GMing a Shadows of Esteren campaign and I had an NPC ask for a painkiller, something the players found out of place.

Still wondering what someone meant when they told me that lockpicking people are the same as knife people.

It mystified me cus I do fidget with locks, but not with knives as I'm afraid of getting cuts.

I think maybe they are similar in that they are both people who might feel a bit smug about having a hobby that's a bit edgy and associated with troublemakers?

Though I've never met a lockpicker who was anything other than an unrepentant geek...

Something I absolutely love is when aesthetics have several themes intertwined in it. You have a lot more room to make something unique when there's a couple of things you can combine in different ways.

Danganronpa: Decadence, lewd 

I love that their idea of decadance is Komaeda, Kirigiri and some character I don't know looking at you like they are gonna invite you to a foursome.

nuclear waste message 

The long term nuclear waste warning message is a little less popular than dr. Wily and a little more popular than Bluster Kong.

Proof that Theseus is in fact an adorable kitty:

1. Could get lost in a paper bag.

2. Entertained by a piece of string.

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I love how my 3D printer is more reliable than any 2D printer I've used, doesn't need drivers, doesn't even need to be connected to a computer, and literally just works as long as you do the normal 3D printer things like level the bed

A 270€ miniature industrial robot designed to manufacture any kind of arbitrary plastic objects literally works better than a device made to put ink on paper

Having it be a joke helps communicate that yeah, this seems pretty obvious when you lay it out like that, it's just that people are very good at ignoring the magic circle when they want to be mad at an author.

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I did get some really useful feedback, though. What I realized is that for a disclaimer like this, it's actually better to play it off as a joke by using something like "for entertainment purposes only" or "don't try this at home".

That does a better job at communicating what I want to communicate, when you explain the magic circle straight-faced, people react like there must be some sort of trick there, cus it sounds so obvious when you lay it out.

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Getting to the point where you are on the same page on even the most basic idea about what it means to say anything is difficult, yet people just kind of proceed as if we are all on the same page already and is shocked to realize this is not true.

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It's situations like this that makes me kind of pessimistic towards the notion that it is possible to communicate with other people at all.

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People expressed horror at the idea that it's necessery to explain to people what fiction is and what it's for and then proceeded to misinterpret pretty much every part of my disclaimer to the point where I almost feel compelled to write a disclaimer to the disclaimer to explain how I approach disclaimers.

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One issue I've had as a fanfic author is people misunderstanding the nature of fiction by assuming I necesserily agree with my characters when I typically don't.

As such, I've been working on a disclaimer that briefly explains how I see fiction. I asked for some feedback in a forum and the results have been... interesting.

TV show, Wizards, Information overload 

istg, there is like a seasons worth of plot information packed into that episode. I have tried reading summaries of it and every other paragraph I'm like "I think I got it now, that seems like a reasonable ammount of plot for one episode" and it KEEPS GOING.

I've WATCHED it and I don't think I understand how it manages to have that much plot, and I'm a little scared to contemplate it lest it melts my brain.

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