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Full list of pronouns, since they did not all fit in the box:

He/Him, They/Them, This one/That one

Most others are acceptable as well, I'm not too fussed about it right now.

Danfango draws like how I want my art to look like when it grows up

Facetious gambling 

Now taking bets on how many project files I will have named some variation on "big titty renamon fursona" before I'm finished with this song. I'm up to four.

Cartoon: *has side-character casually reffered to with they/them pronouns.*

My happiness: :ms_increasing_graph:

Audio editing, facetious advice 

I have spend several days meticulously editing vocals and I have some notes on how to improve the English language to make it more recording friendly. First item: ditch the sibliants.


The making projects to making tools for projects to making languages for tools for projects pipeline.


I think the reason these sports are typically more trans friendly than average is because their legacy as a an outlaw, DIY-type thing.

Most people involved have an experience with exclusion and is less keen to inflict it upon others.

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One of my favorite things right now is transphobes trying to start shit about trans people in a sport only to find out that sport by and large doesn't give a crap.

Roller derby is probably the best example of that but skateboarding is not far behind.

The inherent queerness of putting wheels under your feet.

Menopause, anime screenshot 

Translators notes.

My entire understanding of Final Fantasy as a franchise

Death as metaphor for crashing, audio editing. 

There is a certain poetry in trying to use Spitfish on shark vocals and having the plugin just up and die.

Thinking out loud 

A common thing people do online is deliberately l33tspeak some names to ward of namesearching with the intent to start a fight. Would it be possible to have a text styling option that leaves the text the same, but makes it not searchable?

Would that even be a good idea or can it be abused?

And I gotta give credit where it's due, the original version of James does have a pretty cool, laid back flow

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A lot of it probably boils down to "the VAs are very white and they are being directed to emulate 80s rap, which sounds really whack unless you got the attitude to back it up and they don't."

Say what you want about white nerdcore rap, but when it's good, they focus on delivering the punchlines and not sounding like they think the rapping itself is the punchline.

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I feel like it shouldn't be impossible to fake something halfway decent? A lot of Epic Rap Battle-style videos I imagine are usually made by people who aren't trained rappers and who fake it with editing, and they mostly tend to sound fine for what they are?

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