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So as long as you always maintain a sense of exploration, you will someday find the way out. This is my hope.

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F-List, Role-playing 

There's people I've played a ton of times with who never make that much of an impact.

But when I find someone who perfectly click at the first time, I brace because I'm sure I'll never see them again.

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F-List, Role-playing 

Has it happened to anyone that they find someone amazing at playing and then they disappear forever?

I swear, I found this character who was willing to go for a plot I pitched at them, and they were one of the best players I've seen. A weird combination of a believable strong and sweet personality.

We played like three times. And then they stopped logging on, and I just find they deleted their character about a couple of weeks ago.

Such a disappointment.

Lewd Discourse 

I know that kinks are created and not innate because there's a whole community of people who are hot about the blueberry girl from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and I'm extremely sure that very specific kink wasn't a thing before the 70s.

Downloading a game to my hard drive is the same thing as actually playing it, right?

Don't think it, don't toot it, don't think it, don't toot it, don't think it, don't toot it...

I love that Ken Ashcorp's Subreddit is a solid 90% of people asking "Why did he block me on Twitter??"

I feel like this year and the past year have marked a before and after in the VR Gaming sphere. A maturation of the landscape and ways to use VR. Things that used to feel naive and clunky back in 2016 have slowly been replaced with newer paradigms. Plus games like Alyx and Boneworks make me hope for beautiful and detailed VR games rather than the clunky low-poly style everyone was using back then.

I don't hate it, but the air smells different.

I'm really disappointed that most people are not aware that the buff llama saying "PROTEIN" meme is from Aggretsuko. Real disappointed in you, Internet.

The weirdest thing about the Internet is all the elaborate fandom wikis about elaborate and complex mythologies starring... Random characters from different media.

I feel bad for the lady on YouTube who debunks DIY viral food videos cause she looks like she has a nice show about actual cooking but her most watched videos are about dumb viral hoaxes.

I finally get the meaning of "Nintendo humor", but some of it I find really annoying. Especially when it's some nonsensical comment to lengthen an already long dialogue box.

The thing about some Nintendo officials saying Mario is actually Japanese feels like some weird national pride thing. Like, can't let the dude who has a big mustache and says "Mamma Mia!" when he dies be Italian for once.

Time feels really slow tonight and I'm not even high.

I seriously get this feeling like I'm reading some mid-2000s webcomic when I watch this show. It feels weirdly nostalgic.

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By the way Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts is so great because it's chock full of tropes. I've never seen a TV Show with such a webcomic quality to it. It's the type of show that I picture in my head when I think about popular tropes.

The worst part about the Tik Tok sale story is that selling it to Microsoft is so devious. We'll see it close down in 6 months. Selling it to Google probably as well.

Can't wait for the PlayStation 5 and the appropriately named Xbox One X Series X

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