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Animal Crossing 

Wrote two speculative applications for an apprenticeship. Don't really have any hope...

The worst thing is: I have no idea if this people really don't know if their behavior is wrong or if they just don't give a shit. If they don't know it would be my duty to make them aware of that...

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and don't give me the "Maybe it was a religious event!"

So what? This does not give her any right to make me suffer from her cultural habits. If I want to sleep at 4 am I want to effing sleep! And if she can't hold this event without her neighbors getting annoyed because she lives in a building with 20 other apartments she just can't do it!

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So my neighbor invited about 15 people to her flatfor dinner/breakfast at 4 am in her garden.

I just don't understand how some can actually by so naive to think this would be okay. Like "Hey, eff my neighbors! Who wants to sleep at this time anyway?"

Btw the second disk for Silent Hill 2 looks black, but it's waaay cooler than that

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Is there a good Mastodon instance for posting adult furry art? I'd share it here, but I know that's not everyone's thing.

The best thing: It was revealed yesterday so everyone sucks!

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So I played some rounds Crucible and it's funny. It has a lot of potential. It just has to get polished.

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made me realise everyone of us is just a visitor...

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German lyrics 

Kinda hyped about the Mafia Remastered Edition. Please don't let it suck! Please!!

Sylleath wanted something a bit more personal for this month 'v'

Patreon reward for Sylleath

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NSFW. You must be 18+ to view this content: speedo bulge 

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