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trying out this Mastodon thing again, im an artist, writer, beginner musician, hi

(Metamorphosis - Jan 2022)

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ppl who meditate in the mountains never tried listening to dnb while playing minecraft

LIVE on twitch hitting rats, maybe playing some tower unite, maybe demos? i dont know at all!!!!

cant believe im still standing! cant believe life take this long!

im actually dealing with like 4 things that are all fighting for 100% of my mental health so im kind of not fucking happy

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im just reading all this info on new phones and feeling my brain turn into mud i cant believe im dealing with this right now

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i could just... jam all my system data onto a drive and switch the microsd? but then im burdened with ... i cant even think. im so fucking sick of this. if i cant keep the simcard,, no they wouldnt not let me keep it. if huawei didnt get fuckin banned from the states i could just pick up another huawei and seamlessly import everything i have on their cloud normally. i am so.... i am so over it all

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above all else i dont WANT to fucking do anything

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tmobile called me and told me theyre shutting down the 2G and 3G lines, told me i get a free phone "on them" and i called back and said the free phone isn't "on you" if i have to trade in the one that works perfectly fine.

im too attached to this phone. too attached to how everything is. i dont know what to do. ive waited until today, the last day the service will exist, because i just dont have any idea how to make the change work. i dont fucking know what to do.

i dont know

i will have to be careful about my sleep schedule now that im dating my best friend from australia lol

setting up my whiteboard at 4:30 am like a normal person

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