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Now you've completely Captured me... your drizzling orgasm has saturated my life; i'm captured. Don't know if you WANT that... but it's happened... Now you've got a follower that wants MORE... lolol

<3 xxoo


Holy fuck.... Take me now! Please... lol

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Controversial oppinion maybe but I think musk can be pretty damn hot, especially if it's being framed as like an overpowering scent that affects your thoughts. Sweet scents are good too, but like. Idk time and a place.

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Some truths about programming:

If it's not documented, it's not useful.

To write fast software, use a slow computer.

Premature optimization is the root of all evil.

Shared mutable state is the root of all evil.

The user is always right.

Software that is designed for someone is more useful than software that is designed for everyone.

Good software can be declared complete in a finite amount of time.

Text is the universal interface.

Software should be able to outlive the author.

I might add more. Feel free to share your own thoughts too.

#software #programming

@novimatrem ... I was gonna answer "Always"... but that's not true... ALMOST always, yes... <3

@novichan ... as always... makes me wanna reach through and hug you. Well spoken... well conceived.... and I kinda agree. It's the day made for a different kind of person. Not me, either. <3

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Imagine saying something like, "Be yourself," and then thinking in any way that one's physical form somehow dictates what kind of self one can be.

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@novimatremhugemom ... Oooohhh... really?

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@novimatremhugemom ... did someone day "jerk off"? Well, I'll be damned... Okay! I kin do that!!!

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three years ago today and after a couple months on HRT at age 26, i went public with my transition, deciding one last time id be living this life as my truest self, as Erika, and not as anyone ive been told to be who im not :-)

sending support, encouragement, and solidarity to all those in their own transition journeys - no matter where you are, you are valid, you are loved, and you matter :heart_trans:

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@novimatrem the giant ass titlebars on the options windows was the tipping point for me that got me to switch to kde

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