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Box 5/7
5 floppies are troublesome
-217 sectors/111KB
-8 sectors/4KB
-15 sectors/7.5KB
-4 sectors/2KB
-2 sectors/1KB

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I'm afraid to touch box 5. And also I guess now it's /7 instead of /5 oop

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box 3/5
1 Floppy with 137 dead sectors/70KB missing

Ironically it's the floppy that has the imaging software to backup floppies from a DOS machine.

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box of 90mm floppies 1/5 checked, 0 dead sectors.
Starting off well

I'm glad this new bank is better than the old one in that they warn before overdraft that you need to get some money on the account to avoid fees.
I'm less glad I messed up calculations and am like 1.5€ short somehow.

Todo tomorrow:
FO76 dailies with Aetra, and some FO with Roy
Stream that potion game to Roy
Finish up that story for Roy
Maybe finally open for commissions?
Get the floppies that arrived at the delivery point
Standard self care

Time for sleeps for now though

non essential moneybeg 

(or can also take it if you're on meow, as a way to thank me for my moderation work if you think it's alright, but again, no obligation and I'm not in a dire situation as of now :ms_green_heart: )

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non essential moneybeg 

Welp, now I'm reminded about that MiniDisk player I kinda really wanna get my hands on but also would be a stupid move financially to get?
But, well, if you want to help me support hoard more old tech to show off and keep in working order, I guess you can toss me a buck or two >.>
Nothing vital but would be greatly appreciated.

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So a lot of my artworks come from Licos, a friend and wonderful werewolf.
Well, now he's here, somehow managed to get through the door!

So a warm welcome to @wizlicos
And if you like big werewolves, paws, and the like, give him a follow, he's awesome~

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Reached the third page this morning after another hour of writing split between 30min readjusting formatting, and 30min actually writing.

The more I use it, the more I enjoy it, the more I get used to typing on qwerty, and wouldn't you know it, the one line on the screen that was dead? It fixed itself just being used in a dry place!
So basically it's got nothing wrong, beyond cosmetic stuff that I couldn't care any less about.

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...I broke it >.>
It's saying there's nothing left but clearly the last 5 is missing at the top, but I can't add it because it considers I already put everything, but also it's not done since that last box is empty.

Also being able to write from my bed is pretty cozy ngl

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I'm actually writing a story for @Dracodare (I can mention him, he never checks meow unless I prompt him about it on telegram) on this word processor now that I have found and have converted a 3.5 floppy from HD to 2DD with the advanced technique of blocking the HD hole with a piece of tape.
I am less distracted than at my computer, but still get distracted looking at my phone.
I also need to get used to this keyboard and generally typing faster on QWERTY.
Still, feels nice, so far.

I just received the word processor, and after re-sitting the ribbon compartiment door that got loose in shipping, and typing through the exposed part of the ribbon that dried up, there's only one thing wrong, a single line on the LCD isn't on, which is common on those LCDs and easy to fix, plus it's not in a really bad spot anyway.
Works a treat as is, just need to test the floppy drive to see if it needs love or is already ok.

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