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Wake up, see spam, suspend spam, lay back in bed.

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On that note, greetings fediverse.
I'm a grumpy cat this morning.

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For some reason I really want digital audio cassettes to come back. Sure analog ones are neat and have their charm, but IDK, I have a thing for what tried to compete with CDs

>spam account is created on meow
>spam account follows me, an admin
>spam account favorites my toot about being swift at suspending spam
>spam account is now suspended

Snatched 2 spam accounts before they even could post a thing, and two more from user reports.
It's a game of cat and mouse, and I'm a swift cat.
Good thing I'm on the lookout for that :noma:

:CRT: :noma:
Lynxcoon cleaned up a lot of tabs, feels much cleaner already

Welp, I kinda slept through the afternoon. So hi, I'm gonna spend the night with y'all again, fediverse.

Look, if you manually create 10 accounts in a row, with similar red flags like badly cropped profile pictures of generic women, that all interact with and follow one another, and all of that from the same IP, I WILL see that it's spam.

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remember! if your local timeline doesn't make you wanna jump into the community you're in or feel warm & fuzzy like the cutie you are it's ok to try other communities!

you don't want to stay somewhere that makes you feel like you're just tolerating it cause you "have to" like on those big branded blue sites

find the fediverse community (or communities!) that makes you wanna go–

:blobmeltcryinglove: "this place is so good!!!"

–every time you open it

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Just pinging in to thank people who send reports, it really helps a lot, especially if you comment the report, even with just "spam" and whatnot, as that's the first and only thing we see before opening the report.
So keep reporting bad stuff, admins across the fediverse are probably as thankful as I am for the help!

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