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a doodle i've been wanting to do for a while of all my furry ocs together in one pic

done kinda quick just to get it outta my system

To go against the bad stuff happening with modern tech right now, I plugged my old cherry back in my desktop. I forgot how good it felt, will need some time to get used to it again though, after such a long time.

Aaaaaaaand the computer failed again. Gonna have to sort that out tomorrow

in less than 20min, my old NAS died, the computer on which I had the backup to move to the new NAS that's still not here died, I got the NAS back up, then the computer with the backup
Talk about spicing up your night

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How rare, and beautiful
it truly is to even exist... 🌌

Rhea is the second-largest moon of Saturn, and its most populated as well, with large swathes of its surface having been partitioned and terraformed.
#p700 #MastoArt


Oh yeah, I got Smash Ult.
And Mario Kart D.
So if you want to add me on switch, feel free to DM me for the friend code thingy, fair warning I don't really play to be competitive, moreso to relax, and I'm probably far from the best player in the world

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money (-), mh (-), asking for help 

I've been promised by mother that she'd get me a new chair since 2016 as a gift... But I think I'm gonna redirect some xmas money to buy one at this point. The back rest fell apart entirely now.

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I have no idea where this is going to go, but hey, I needed more raccoons in my life, and I guess that's one way to do it xD

So uh, I created a telegram group for raccoons
Feel free to poke me if you want to be part of it (how do you call a group of raccoons anyway?)

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Thanks all for the bday wishes πŸ’š

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