@dzuk Just try bluetooth on windows. My xbone controller, by MS, keeps disconnecting, or glitches make windows think I keep pressing the buttons I was pressing after I stop pressing them... It's a shame in a world that wants to push wireless that it's so unreliable :v

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I know it's paw day, but please CW/mark as sensitive your paw kink pictures folks :p

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i don't wanna holler but @dzuk's work with @mutantstd has literally done more for queer arts and queer representation than anything anyone else on the fediverse has even dreamed of.

if i was a big arts foundation i would literally be sending zir the Big Bucks right now just to keep doing what ze is doing. zero joke. without a second thought.

i'm not though so…

maybe give a little on my behalf?

-> paypal.me/mutantstandard

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@SilverWolf @IceWolf @Fen @MadestMadness Hey folks, sorry I wasn't home since Friday, family stuff, but, now that I'm here, their posts aren't directly against rules, however if you think it's best to have it be "unlisted", you certainly can all pin the bot creator and explain your point of view :)
It's also up to you folks, we take into consideration what users would prefer so don't be afraid to ping me in those cases, and/or ping the bot creator after such a discussion.

Oof, seems like I missed a lot this weekend. But hey I'm back.

@Yarideki I'm glad for my 50 gigs of data... Even if I rarely go close to the cap o.o

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