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@KinkyKobolds Can the pillow be a fat kobold? Or just a giant kobold paw?

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Enough torture for today, this website is "good enough" for now xD

I have no idea what the fluff I am doing xD

Oops a font breaks for people who don't have my font installed.

I'm still a terrible webdev. But hey at least so far my website can probably run just fine on my old IPC, even if stuff would probably be broken CSS and JS wise.

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@lyze Uh, that's odd, gotta see with Tiwy what's going on

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Well I got a instance now running on

There's sadly not a lot of customization options to tell what the instance is about. But it's open for furry artists to post their stuff on.

Note that it's really experimental and could die at any time. So only use it if you have a backup account somewhere else. :)

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@salameleon Man I'm already so mad they're stopping inbox, don't tell me gmail is even worse than it used to be ;;

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After close to 2 years of meowing on the fediverse, we decided to open donations for meow!
Currently they will be used to pay @Nomaxice for his full time moderation work on meow.
Depending on how things evolve from there, we may dedicate some of the funds to pay for the hosting fees (currently handled by @Tiwy57 )

You can do a one time donation at

Or chose to do a recurring donation on

Any donation, no matter how small, is appreciated!

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just a reminder about posting nsfw art on Mastodon

*please be transparent about what's in the picture and use effective tags. If you're hiding something, it's on you to make sure your audience knows what's in store for them.

*don't repost art without sourcing. Art theft sucks, and stealing from artists -suuuuucks-

*If you feel iffy about whether or not something should be CW'd, always better safe than sorry! A CW isn't going to stop someone who wants to see what you're tagging it with.

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Yo, Sergals! There's a new job opportunity for ya :B

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This instance is focused around the furry community, and is open to anyone interested in it. It was created by @Tiwy57 originally for a small group of furry friends, but thought it might as well be open to all fluffies and scalies !

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