About time I started decorating this case.
Railgun and pride from @Kavaeric

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This is dumb but it makes me happy that the new NAS auto gen a little ASCII thing from its given name.

I thought I'd let it run overnight, but whoops "an error occured"

You can see it struggling, trying so hard to fetch things from the old drives

Can you tell it was REALLY about time I got a new NAS and drives?
I got 160GB to copy at that speed :D

I've been promised by mother that she'd get me a new chair since 2016 as a gift... But I think I'm gonna redirect some xmas money to buy one at this point. The back rest fell apart entirely now.

Here's what it looks like. The "windows 95" screen should be 1280×1024 but is stuck at 1024×768 like the small LCD on its right, but it's still a lot of screen space that I already filled up entirely.
Laptop/main desktop wallpaper by @kavaeric
Second desktop wallpapers are the well known win95 logo/wallpaper, and a picture I took of my 486 IPC

Until then, enjoy my main desktop, with the beautiful picture Kavaeric made a while back.

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So today was spent waiting for a delivery that never happened because lazy postman, fetching my package, which was my new PC case, and switching all my stuff from old (circa 2014?) case to new case, from an ATX to an EATX case. It's a wonder I could fit my EATX motherboard in the old one without breaking it... But hey, now it's all pretty and shiny (actually no longer have the blue LED fans so it's even more sobber than it used to be)

Happy lynxcoon

See each picture's description for details

So I received the CPU cooler today, which means I didn't have to keep using the old AMD ahtlon one, and could actually mount it and put everything into a case, and tada

Just gonna put that here before I sleep for no reason, because I have nothing better to do

Gotta do updates, and will probably redo the install anyway to have windows on the 160GB drive, and make the 300 & 500 into a 800GB drive for the servers I'd want to run on it, but hey, I'm happy with it so far :D

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