So apparently Humble Bundle decided that it would stop supporting macOS and Linux in two weeks, leaving two weeks for people to download their game for those platforms, not getting updates for them anymore, and also shutting down ability to download from the site, forcing you to go through their new Windows only launcher.

So I'll take this opportunity to make a casual reminder that there is nothing humble about humble bundle anymore.

@Nomaxice Uh, yikes.

Glad we never got anything from them...

@codl was about to add the source in reply to OG post, it'll be there in a sec!

@Nomaxice They sell preorders now, lol.

Which tropes are they going with here? Linux users are too problematic, and macos is a walled garden?


@Nomaxice ah, this is only about games in the humble trove, ie games made available as part of a humble choice subscription

@codl For now yeah, but this is a pretty bad move and who know where they'll stop, if that won't also end up being the case for regular buying

@Nomaxice Reading some of the Humble FAQ stuff.

They are completely overhauling the subscription system to make it one subscription instead of, like a bunch of tiers. Also the subscriptions come with a library of previous titles. That collection was called the Trove.

These two things are the things that will now only be available through a Windows App. Which is everything Humble was actually supposed to be. But of course they keep saying "keep them forever" >:/

@Nomaxice Ah c'est uniquement pour l'abonnement mensuel je suis pas concernée du coup :x

@Nocta Pour le moment ouais
Mais ça montre un peu la direction qu'ils prennent et je pense que c'est qu'une question de temps avant que le reste soit aussi concerné au vu de ce nouveau launcher windows-only

@Nomaxice Ouais bah j'ai arrêté de leur donner des sous peu après qu'ils ont proposé des jeux steam only, j'étais venue pour le DRM-free à la base, pas vraiment surprise malheureusement

@Nomaxice Hasn't been picked up on Gaming On Linux quite yet, but I await the fan-twirling-crap when it does.

@Nomaxice Thank you for sharing. And yeah, I canceled my partnership with them a month or two ago.

@Nomaxice Wow. Wow. I remember when they started out, and while I'm not particularly *surprised* considering they got external funding, I'm somewhat impressed by the aggressiveness with which they've worked against their original pitch to the public.

I am very glad I stopped paying attention to them a couple years ago.

@Nomaxice It appears to only affect Humble Trove and Humble Choice, but it seems like it doesn't affect individual game purchases.

@groovestomp Correct, however, this feels like a ticking bomb to when they stop supporting website downloading altogether and force everything through the windows launcher

@Nomaxice That seems like a reasonable precaution to take. I have a lot of games to download from old bundles - I bought almost every one when they still seemed to care about Linux.

Maybe I should finally redeem all those old Steam keys too, in case they remove them. (I originally waited in order to be able to gift them, as I preferred playing without Steam when possible.)

@digitalfox @Nomaxice I know there were a few giveaways where the steam keys expired after X days. Definitely a handful of games I've "redeemed" on there that I don't have access to because I never activated them in Steam in time.

I don't *think* that applies to games you've explicitly purchased, though.

@groovestomp Thanks for the heads up! I think I recall seeing something about that, too.

My reason for preparing for short notice to redeem Steam keys even from old purchased bundles is in case the recent Windows-only changes for the subscription plans means they plan to later further shut down access to aspects of old bundles (keys, Linux downloads, etc).

(I also recently found out that the copy of Baba Is You I had from a bundle was far out of date, so I had to redeem the Steam key anyways. By this point, I'm not really paying attention to Humble Bundle, I should probably just redeem everything…)

@groovestomp @Nomaxice They are not in the original owners for a long time, IGN bought them a while ago. These changes are not surprising.

@Nomaxice Despite IGN's insistence, it hasn't been the same since they took over

@sandzwerg Wwttttf? This was always recommend for Linux why in earth do they do that?🥺

@Nomaxice very little about the original slogan is true anymore

Pay what you want (everything has multiple minimums now)
DRM Free (tons of them are just steam codes now)
Cross platform (your post)
And supports charity (but I think you can't allot all your money to charity anymore)

@Nomaxice and so ends my use of Humble Bundle for games 😢

@Nomaxice Wait does this apply to all games, even those bought in the first few humble bundles or just games in the monthly subscription? I haven't bought anything from humble in years but I own a few games from some early humble bundles.

@InsignificantThoughts Currently only the subs.
However, it's not unlikely they'll end up pushing that to the rest of the library of games.

@Nomaxice Good to know, thanks. I got like 100 games on there, though I only ever played like 10 of them, the others were just included with the one I wanted. Guess I'll have to look for a script to download my entire library.

@Nomaxice Well this has me wondering just one thing: where's the repository of all the MacOS and Linux games gonna end up?

@Nomaxice +9001%

This is an abdolite asshole move!

No wounder #Steam is having a de-facto #monopoly...

@k3vk4 It's ironic the biggest actor in the field is the one that seems to care the most about linux so far

@Nomaxice guess why?

#GabeN realized #Microsoft wants to feck up #Steam's business model by attempting to #monopolize #Software distribution with #Windows8Bing & #Windows10S.

So OFC he knew that making his business depend on the mood of a #GAFAM is a horrible gamble, and that #Valve need to have something in order to not stay in the cold if kicked out of the ecosystem.

Other big players (#EA, #ActivionBlizzard, #Ubisoft) seem less concerned due to being successful publishers on all 3 major console brands and less reliant on the #PC platform...

Also they have far less liquid capital and the failure of the #SteamBox|es and 1st #SteamOS made them even more reluctant.

Not to mention that Valve wants to keep their platform open and not monopolize the games distribution, so when the #SteamDeck would become a big success, they could just jump on the bandwagon with low effort and risk but high reward...

EA in particular burned themselves with prematurely jumping on a new Platform (the #Gizmondo) and wasted a lot for $$$$ on porting FIFA on it, whilst the Gizmondo is propably the most unsuccessful games console (unless you were to add #Samsung's #Nuon DVD-Players to it)...

@Nomaxice Not only that. If you want to backup or gift unused keys now, you may be out of luck. I already couldn't get one for a game, because they were out of keys. Of course it's a game where there's no DRM-free download available. #humblebundle
@Nomaxice Also the Science Fiction Manga by Nihei bundle only offers NOise for download now. When I bought the bundle, it consisted of BLAME! 1-15, NOiSE and Knights of Sidonia.
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