beep from my work laptop
Should be getting the new SSD for my main system tomorrow, so far the sanity check on my backup at least says it's alright even if it's going to be old, and the dead drive was put at the post office so hopefully the refund for it should be coming soon.
With many thanks to @Vyzie for buying me the new drive so I wouldn't need to advance money when I was in a tight spot needing to pay for the vet soon.


Let's hope all goes well now, especially with a friend that is planning to send me a new mobo and cpu tomorrow as he thinks it's the mobo that is killing my hardware.
Wouldn't blame him, a gigabyte board? With 4 drives dying within months of one another? A dead GPU? CPU that stopped overclocking at all and sometimes doesn't boot with stock clock? RAM that can't XMP anymore?
All that with a BIOS known to have had issues in the past? Yeaaaah.

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And also thanks again to @ZephyrArcturus for this laptop that really helps to keep working and doing moderation here without the pain of having to deal with a touch interface, dog knows those hate me for whatever reason (probably my often literally dead cold hands)

@Nomaxice ....that's very peculiar. Is it by any chance an Aorus board?

@Tamber Negative, it's pretty dated now and it's just Gigabyte branded, a gaming G1 from when the 6700K was the hot stuff
Though both my tech review friend and I have had the same experience with gigabyte: good hardware, shit firmware that ruins it all, even to this day

@Nomaxice Ahh, fairy nuff.

And that definitely tracks... -.-

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