4 months. That's it. 4 months since I bought this replacement SSD because mine was failing.
And it just died without any warning. Was playing a game that's on another drive, watching a YouTube video in my browser that's on another drive. Suddenly the video stopped, task manager showed 100% usage on C: and before I could do anything, BSOD with a storage error. Reboot, drive doesn't exist anymore.
Tried to use a dock on my laptop to check it. Dock wouldn't initialize with the drive plugged.

I'm without my main machine again.
Amazon will not send a new drive, just refund when I send the drive back.
I'll have to hunt a new drive again and see with people to help me because until I get the refund I just can't afford a replacement.
This is exhausting. that’s uhh heckin ridiculous, can you claim a warranty on that?

@JRaccoon already did
Sadly, all I get is to send it back and they be refunded
In the meantime I'm left on my own

@Nomaxice At least do you have a backup? I had this happen once to me and ever since I take regular backups.

@vortex_cynbel I had a backup system in place but apparently it was failing to complete backups for the last two months, so, backup there is, but a little old so I'll have to mess around to make sure all is good once I get a new drive.

@Nomaxice Oof 😓 that sounds like you'll need to do some work. Good luck!

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