After years, I guess it's time to move away from Ratio. Loved that Android launcher but between becoming bloated and halving my battery life, having a growing pile of bugs (pinned widgets don't update unless opening widget panel, scroll back to top whenever going back to launcher, message panel simply not working) and now in this state daring to pass in a paid subscription model... Don't get me wrong, devs deserve to be paid. But when early bird pricing is 3 bucks a month, 16 a year, or 100 a >

> lifetime, I expect a minimum of work to remove the user experience breaking bugs out *before* asking me to rake out per year what I would pay for the lifetime license on other launchers, because that's the thing, they are far from alone on the scene, they're newbies when Nova & co are well set at very competitive prices.
I want to love Ratio like I used to, but by the time they would fix it, it'll be even more overpriced. 150 for a lifetime once early bird is out. That's my pay. No thanks.

@Nomaxice Holy fuck, that's like /three times/ Affinity's whole hecking Photoshop-alike (also perpetual license).

For a launcher.

@IceWolf they're € but I suspect it's the usual 1USD = 1EUR deal.
Which here makes it even more bullshit.
I went back to Nova and I'll just deal with it.

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