Close to being done setting up my new NAS.
Going from 2 old 300GB (1 5400RMP & 1 7200RPM) 8MB cache 2.5" HDDs in raid1 to 2 new 3000GB 5400RPM 256MB cache 3.5" HDDs in raid0.
That's a BIG change to have so much storage. Plus probably way more reliable so don't have to fear requiring a mirror not to loose data for the time being.

@Nomaxice I would be too afraid to raid-0 something like that myself, I can think of zero use cases on my own where I could use the extra performance, especially over a network.

What do use yours for, or intend to use it for?

@Mycroft Store random stuff I want to have access to in between computers, my collection of films and series that's for now cramped on a 1TB external drive, some totos, and probably try and get my FurryCloud stuff on it too.
Basically nothing that's too important, I already have a solution for important files it's just bulk storage, and I'm not afraid, already revived quite a few drive that were dead xD

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