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In case goes down, you can follow me on @Nomaxice for the backup account, preferably follow it from an alt of course, if meow social ain't available.

I'll try my best there to keep y'all informed of what I know about the issue! :paww_hand: :noma:

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I think I never did proper so...

Heya! :v_paw: I'm :noma: , born 11996-12-20
A ♂ Lynxcoon, a furry of the macro kind, I post about (mostly macro/micro) furry stuff (kinks tagged), and (mostly retro) 🖥, 📷, 🎧 and 🕹 stuff. I tinker with all that is obsolete 💾 and will make nearly anything work, but I'm not saying that it's gonna be done in a clean way.

I'm bi, poly, and not looking.

I'm also the co-admin of which is a furry focused instance, alongside its owner @Tiwy57

things to get: a USB 3/3.1 SATA dock/thingy, because salvaging 150GB of data over a USB2.0 link is *slow*

I guess I could plug the drive on the external bay on my case, but it requires a reboot for it to work

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kitten coming to your meow social soon...ish?

Dammit, now I want to stream shit now. Be sure to share with your friends, we’re $45/mo away from justifying/manifesting this urge of mine!~ :queer100: :blobpeek:

@Nomaxice pour moi le plus fort avec Mastodon c'est que c'est le premier réseau social à être vraiment décentralisé, avec une vrai fédération et pas une instance qui centralise 80% des utilisateurs, à être facilement utilisable et à avoir une vrai communauté active

Hey folks, just wanted to remind y'all that Mastodon is great because of a few things!

One of them is the Content Warning feature, that allows you to tag your posts accordingly without having users need to read through them, useful for NSFW, politics, general negativity, etc.

Another one is that thanks to the federation system, it's not one big thing with slow report treatment, it's small instances that will sort reports quickly, so please, do use the report button!

Thanks! :pawx80_v: :noma:

I'm having so much fun now that I have a full DOS install on my IPC, tinkering and modifying it.

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So I found an image viewer for DOS, that runs pretty nicely on my 486DX2 IPC
First displayed image, a jpg of a sergal.
Also, got the serial mouse working, yay!

So, hey... if you're talking about politics, like, you know, maybe give your toots a CW? Just a thought.

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Bonjour je suis la livebox et je plante tout le temps au mauvais moment :D

Having fun with this, grabbing the custom stuff off my floppy to put on the hard install :3

Update, it still hasn't stopped snowing, there is now about 8cm of snow.

So, it's snowing still. And it's holding up.
Been such a long time since it last happened.