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Time for a new

I'm Noma :ms_green_heart:
Lynxcoon, born in 1996.
:heart_ace: :heart_nb: Poly, but taken.

I tinker with old tech, write stories focused on macro/micro, paw, vore and whatnot and need to officially open for comms.
I also sometimes do calligraphy.
Oh and, I'm a moderator for this instance too.

If you enjoy what I do and want to help me out, you can support me through

That's it! :noma_idle:

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Macro, vore 

A large otter emerges from the waters... and he's hungry~

Raffle sketch for JordanDeware27 :twitter:

Twitter TOS update rant, adult content 

Twitter silently pushed an updated to their TOS it seems, where they force you to tag as sensitive anything lewd, which, yeah okay if that was just it, that's good...

But that also makes the sensitive stuff not appear as available in some situations like quote RTs and shit like that along with previews on other places

That and if your account is posting mostly sensitive material that can get you *banned* too

...So yeah it's not so bad on fediverse :v

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It's that time again! 12 hour freebie stream! Come on in!

cw: alcohol, kinks

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I've been on here since the early days of mastodon, back in 2017, and to this day, still feels more comfy to just talk about stuff here than on :twitter:

Even as fedi grew, having way more instances, and different AP softwares working together, growing rather active if you glance at the fedi TL on a somewhat large instance like meow, it's still so much more chill and agreeable, doesn't feel like screaming into a void >.>

Ain't the first time I say it but, it's crazy after all those years still

I'm getting better at the whole coffee making with a bar type machine, and we even got actual bar cups and cupholders from a bar from family friends that closed over a decade ago.

Gives me comfy vibes to take my coffee in those.

"I don't trust UPnP so instead of enabling that I'm going to DMZ my nintendo switch" is one of the most oddball infosec takes I've seen from a supposed professional in the domain

Remember to use content warnings for political and major events, take care of everyone's mental health in these tough times

Awoo from my new phone I suppose. Still bummed the old one died out the blue but hey, I got a nice little replacement for it and am enjoying it so far.

I just fixed the second pocket watch from the 20-40s that I got from ebay, it needed a lot more work, the setting lever was out of its groove and bent, managed to salvage it (mostly) and cleaned up/oiled back stuff and... It's running again! :noma_idle:

Mh, I got the ace, and the NB themed stuff, stickers, mouse pad, maybe I should get a little trans flag to keep around too...

Okay, phew, that took longer than I thought it would, seems that while the drive had the courtesy of telling it was starting to go, it already had a few corrupted files by the time I was doing the cloning to the new one

Cheap 1.5TB from 2011 vs standard 2TB from 2021
Things not seen, boy is the older one HEAVY next to the new one.

It's kind of amazing how that was so much storage back then and this old WD green would have cost so much more despite being the cheap option, compared to that new Seagate.

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open for a few comms (boosts ok) :boost_requested: 

hey important announcement

id like to take maybe 2 or 3 icon comms like this for $25, im a bit nervous bc ive never done commissions before but if you'd like one kinda like these, pls dm me !

Can't wait for fibre to get here finally, it's in the process of being deployed in my town, and boi after last night's thunderstorm DSL is *struggling* hard like non stop losing sync in the middle of stuff

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Recursive Vore 

When dealing with beings of chaos like Zilvok and Hif, Balter finds out that everyone gets a taste of the action, again and again and again...

Comm for @eMander featuring his Zilvok
Hif and Balter belong to me

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Get some cool vector emoji, stickers and emotes, help a queer person who has just fled abuse! Plenty of slots available!

Full pricing + info:

as a side note before I go to sleep...

Been working on making things a little more organized and prettier, with a better link aggregation place for all the things I want available to folks... And a way to track my writing work and commission status...

It's not perfect, like I'm no designer and the colors are horrible for the buttons for now, but... It's better than before and better than nothing.

...I might need to change my files drive, it's starting to scratch a LOT more at boot, loud, like glass vibrating against metal noise, while being 100% reading less than 2MB/s average and less than 8MB/s peak

To be fair this thing has nearly 6 years of *uptime* and has been in service almost non stop since it was the system drive in a 2010-2011 slim Windows 7 desktop, before moving to a server before my desktop, so, for a WD Green that I hear many dunk on for being unreliable drives...

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