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In case goes down, you can follow me on @Nomaxice for the backup account, preferably follow it from an alt of course, if meow social ain't available.

I'll try my best there to keep y'all informed of what I know about the issue! :paww_hand: :noma:

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I think I never did proper so...

Heya! :v_paw: I'm :noma: , born 11996-12-20
A β™‚ Lynxcoon, a furry of the macro kind, I post about (mostly macro/micro) furry stuff (kinks tagged), and (mostly retro) πŸ–₯, πŸ“·, 🎧 and πŸ•Ή stuff. I tinker with all that is obsolete πŸ’Ύ and will make nearly anything work, but I'm not saying that it's gonna be done in a clean way.

I'm bi, poly, and not looking.

I'm also the co-admin of which is a furry focused instance, alongside its owner @Tiwy57

still super busy with the move, but getting there slowly...

Another day of intense productivity preparing for the move...
Boy I'm tired and sore x.x

Dog damn today was productive again.
I'm exhausted.

I see quite a few people joined our instance recently, welcome y'all!

Three times that I see the same art piece shared by different people now, two of those where I was mentioned specifically, because someone took the commission @Tiwy57 and I got from Nommz and asked an artist to redo it with their own character, with a NSFW version x)

What do makers on use to produce their tracks? Also what do peeps think about using ?

From :birdsite:
" #Aptophillia! Now you have a word for why you blush when the snow steams off your dragon friend's snout, or when confronted by your kitsune friend's hatred of chairs. Art by Pac"

Like how #taur have problems navigating small spaces like revolving doors, or have to make special travel arrangements when they dont fit in cars and can outpace their biped friends at a leisurely trot

We’d like to announce that we’re suspending for spam, advertising, and missing rules from their about/more section (we don't consider that having to go through two pages outside of the switter instance to be a proper way to list rules).

We may revoke the suspension if switter admins add the rules to their rules section, and aim to also fix the other issues.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience switter users that did not participate to the spam & advertising may experience.

Commission for a client of his character out on a morning hike! Drawing this made me excited for backpacking this summer. #mastodonart #mastoart #creativetoots #art #illustration #furry #anthro #digital #landscape

Just spent 1 hour cleaning up that fridge, clearly it hasn't been used in years, but at least now it's clean x.x

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Fun fact, my nearly one year old cat is called Spyro

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If you're on WT and need a new home before it shuts down @dzuk has made a good instance recommendation list at you can check out