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Time for a new

I'm Noma :ms_green_heart:
Lynxcoon, born in 1996.
:heart_ace: :heart_nb: Poly, but taken.

I tinker with old tech, write stories focused on macro/micro, paw, vore and whatnot and need to officially open for comms.
I also sometimes do calligraphy.
Oh and, I'm a moderator for this instance too.

If you enjoy what I do and want to help me out, you can support me through

That's it! :noma_idle:

Oh dog it's 14040Γ—10200

No I did not mess up a 0 soemwhere

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I may or may not have just made an 81MB jpeg oop

Random but it amuses me, with the month coming, to see all the brands that'll switch to rainbow in most countries, and there is Polaroid, rainbow all year long

That was Noma rambles about instant photography, to reward those that were listening, here's a few photos of the new boi and its still-settling first shot

> SLR 680

It's unfair, sure, on one side we got peak polaroid, SX-70 fold body, 600 fast film, sonar autofocus, with manual focus, integrated flash, very thought after because it's so good...

But... I think the Go can defend itself, it's got the good base to go after it, and doesn't have the reliability issues of a 40 years old device...

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> I ain't gonna complain for a cheaper, more trigger happy option.

Of course, being Polaroid, while it's cheaper than full frame, it's still... Pricey, at 20€ per 16 photos (without bundle discounts).

That makes this camera (at its pricing and film pricing) a sort of.. Mid range option, proper, between the cheap instax and full blown 600 (i-type included) or SX70 options.

So... Yeah, nice, tbh, I like it so far!

Gonna be really testing it in July, when I get to a wedding, right along the >

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> but at full frame size.
It shows, the first photo I took with the Go develops very similarly, that's good, means the photo will have the same quality on that end.

The lack of manual focus also shows, that's less good, but not unexpected, after all, many of the later 600 didn't have any focus at all, or maybe like my 636 CloseUp, a cheap plastic lens that could be slid over for "macro" shots... But a plastic lens is... Yeah. Crap.

That said, it's doing a decent job at making clear shots, so >

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So I got my paws on the new boi, the Polaroid Go.
The newest modern polaroid.

I didn't get to try out their other modern offerings (the Now, etc.), but it certainly seems to follow the same design philosophy, aka, simple, effective.
It's close to the late "old" models, from the 90s, point and shoot, minimal options, the most fancy thing is the double exposure mode, where you can shoot twice on the same frame to make some fancy thing.

To compare, I usually shoot on an SLR 680, same film base >

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Big boof doing a big flex~ being a little smug about it, but he's still a big dork overall :b

A wonderful piece I gotten from BigWoofGeo on Twitter on his raffle stream a few days ago!

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Macro, paws 

So I got extremely lucky, I won a slot in the sketch raffle from @BlurTheFur and it looks absolutely fluffing amazing.

Well despite tiredness, broken and cheap tools... It's done. The speakers are set up.

I need better wire strippers holly fluff

I got the spool of speaker cable, now to see exactly how I wanna set the speakers and do the runs...

vore, VR 

...Eating people and items is way too fun, I'm glad to have that in Neos >.>

Oh right, we got a thunderstorm incoming, still missing a UPS for stuff, but should be fine, it's far away enough...

I wanna like Neos, especially now they're yeeting off the cryptocrap, but boi they got some serious work to do on UI and UX because this is straight up hostile to new users and less tech inclined folks...

That's not even mentioning the worse performance in a smaller world compared to Antiheat's apt in VRchat >.>

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Oh and no, you cannot update the icon from the Neos website, you can't do anything other than view your inventory without actually interacting with it >.>
It's... Rather useless a website.

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VRchat is certainly less advanced, no vanilla resizing (well, there is but view isn't changed without the use of a mod), no grabbing folks unless the world has the grabbing system, no eating folks...

But the interface is definitely more user friendly and desktop mode more inclusive.

On Neos, just the fact I had to look up a tutorial for the what... 11 step process to add a profile picture? Should be giving away the way the interface is made by advanced folks with no UI experience.

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