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Let's try something.
Fav or boost or reply to this post if you want me to try and write your name.
Can tell me if you prefer black thick nib, or blue thin nib, fancy or square style, if nothing is specified, will do as I see fit for your name!

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I think I never did proper so...

Heya! :v_paw: I'm :noma: , born 11996-12-20
A β™‚ Lynxcoon, a furry of the macro kind, I post about (mostly macro/micro) furry stuff (kinks tagged), and (mostly retro) πŸ–₯, πŸ“·, 🎧 and πŸ•Ή stuff. I tinker with all that is obsolete πŸ’Ύ and will make nearly anything work, but I'm not saying that it's gonna be done in a clean way.

I'm bi, poly, and not looking.

I'm also the co-admin of which is a furry focused instance, alongside its owner @Tiwy57

Bots got a hold of the recent release of logins of email accounts from various providers it seems, the usual garbage bots we're getting are now flooding with AOL/yahoo addresses.
Almost makes it hard to see legit requests to join.

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macro pov 

Surprise commission for Technoplatypus!

(Also, I love this character)

Received the cans of contact cleaner, grease and whatnot.
First patient, the HiFi, no longer will it crackle when adjusting volume or loose the left channel when tweaking L/R balance. or switching source.

Note to self:
Rewire the wifi antenna so I can actually put that one sticker I still haven't added on my tiny laptop

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Setup game server on my main desktop
Server works
Move server on hosting desktop
Server crashes
Spend 6 hours trying to set it up straight
Realize thanks to someone it's because it doesn't find some basic Java classes on the hosting desktop
Realize some mods are hard set to find java on the C: drive
Reinstall Java
Magically works

That was "fun"

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money (-), help needed 

Hey, I'm a disabled queer with a bunch of mental health issues. I don't have a stable source of income and doing the things that bring money in can be very hard for me, like it is right now x.x. And I am not gonna make it through this week.

If you can help, much appreciated (I know everyone is stretched rn), I am very sorry.

Money request p2 

On that, I *can* "afford" it, as in I got the money but I will have to delay my appointment to the dentist even more, despite the temporary fix being broken. The help would allow us to keep some money aside and let me wait less to get the tooth finally fixed. But it's not a direly urgent thing.
All help is appreciated, but certainly not required.

You can also help through the links on @TransparencyReports 's toots, paypal, liberapay, or my patreon.

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Anyway, time to sink my attention back into paper mario to distract myself for troubles, y'all stay safe and be nice to one another. I'll still keep an eye out.

Money request 

Don't like doing those
Especially now with stuff that need the help more
But if ya can spare a few bucks I'd really appreciate it
Tomorrow we're gonna need to buy a new fridge
The decades old one has been dying for a few weeks now, it's not gonna get better with the great heat we're expecting already
Speaking of heat, we also want to get an AC, even a small/cheap one, to try and help not have over 35Β°C in the bedrooms
It'll run us about 450-500€ so...

Computer troubles, linux manjaro :at_requested: :boost_ok: 

For whatever reason most programs on my manjaro install on my small laptop have stopped working. Telgram freezes when loading, a masto client closes as soon as it tries to load the TL, mainly.

I tried on kernel 5.6.16-1 and 5.7.0-3, no updates are available for the broken apps, overall everything is up to date... This is annoying.

If anyone has any idea how to fix it/if there's a known reason, feel free to let me know.

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Hey did you know @Dracodare is an absolute cutie? Also the biggest derp, quite literally? :

Anyway, I should go back to organizing my new cupboard, starting to look like something :3

computer stuff, terminology & racism, CW boosting 

Well, almost on queue, this pretty much sums it up well too.

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So I tried updating my linux on windows stuff. Started with the current Ubuntu, it had the most updates, then the legacy one, had the least updates, and finally Debian, just a few seconds apart, so they'd all update at once...

Debian not only finished first, but I was also able to install a new program and set it up before the legacy ubuntu with the least updates finished, let alone the current ubuntu which is barely at 80% as I write this toot.

Needless to say I still don't like Ubuntu >.>

computer stuff, termology 

I honestly prefer allowlist/blocklist to the old white/black crap

Not only is it clear right away even for someone who's not really knowledgeable at computer stuff, but it also gets rid of the more obvious negative connotation

Being all moppy and happy and lovey 

Fudge I'm really lucky, Spend a wonderful movie date with @Dracodare tonight, and had pleasant chats with @Yarideki and @ZephyrArcturus
And feeling all cuddly for them all and @Aetra tonight

USpol shitpost, don't mind me I'm just tired after 18h being awake 

Fuck the police, but not literally

Fluff Roy's really good at teasing *and* flattering me at the same time

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