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Let's try something.
Fav or boost or reply to this post if you want me to try and write your name.
Can tell me if you prefer black thick nib, or blue thin nib, fancy or square style, if nothing is specified, will do as I see fit for your name!

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In case goes down, you can follow me on @Nomaxice for the backup account, preferably follow it from an alt of course, if meow social ain't available.

I'll try my best there to keep y'all informed of what I know about the issue! :paww_hand: :noma:

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I think I never did proper so...

Heya! :v_paw: I'm :noma: , born 11996-12-20
A β™‚ Lynxcoon, a furry of the macro kind, I post about (mostly macro/micro) furry stuff (kinks tagged), and (mostly retro) πŸ–₯, πŸ“·, 🎧 and πŸ•Ή stuff. I tinker with all that is obsolete πŸ’Ύ and will make nearly anything work, but I'm not saying that it's gonna be done in a clean way.

I'm bi, poly, and not looking.

I'm also the co-admin of which is a furry focused instance, alongside its owner @Tiwy57

Don't mind me cleaning up the trash off the instance.

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Hey, Anapa. Sorry I haven't drawn you in a while.

Oh my dog it's so great my internet connection is finally unstuck from being bellow 1Mbps
I get up to a whooping 1.7Mbps now!

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Hey y'all, if you come across untagged NSFW on the federated timeline, please feel free to report it!

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You may notice that the "Meow!" button is now back!


I may not be getting that brand new game everyone's talking about, but at least I'm getting a haircut.

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Need some cute? Here's a video of a little otter playing with a tub full of ten thousand plastic bottle caps:

this one is mine, and this one is mine, and and and...

Seems spotify is finally able to handle my variety of songs, and actually managed to recommend 3 songs I never heard before and like a lot, in their yearly thing.
Also I listent to "93% more alternative artists than the average user" apparently

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Guess who's computer won't boot anymore!

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We have a lot of user registration and our instance is suffering from abnormal activity. is very slow, the time to absorb this peak of activity. We are sorry for any problems that may occur.

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Here's what it looks like. The "windows 95" screen should be 1280Γ—1024 but is stuck at 1024Γ—768 like the small LCD on its right, but it's still a lot of screen space that I already filled up entirely.
Laptop/main desktop wallpaper by @kavaeric
Second desktop wallpapers are the well known win95 logo/wallpaper, and a picture I took of my 486 IPC

Aside from a resolution issue with the main screen of the secondary desktop, it's all plugged in and it all works, that's pretty neat, now I just need a proper chair that doesn't fall apart by sitting on it, and my desk will be pretty much how I want it to be.
Happy kitty, something good finally

Until then, enjoy my main desktop, with the beautiful picture Kavaeric made a while back.

Once I'm done reorganizing my desks, I'll have:
laptop with 1 scree | main desktop with 2 screens | secondary desktop with 2 screens | tertiary legacy desktop with one screen

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This instance is focused around the furry community, and is open to anyone interested in it. It was created by @Tiwy57 originally for a small group of furry friends, but thought it might as well be open to all fluffies and scalies !