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Time for a new

I'm Noma :ms_green_heart:
Lynxcoon, born in 1996.
:heart_ace: :heart_nb: Poly, but taken.

I tinker with old tech, write stories focused on macro/micro, paw, vore and whatnot and need to officially open for comms.
I also sometimes do calligraphy.
Oh and, I'm a moderator for this instance too.

If you enjoy what I do and want to help me out, you can support me through

That's it! :noma_idle:

Maybe I should poll here too to have a greater sample for thoughts on story pricing

Beep boop from main machine. Lost tabs that were opened on my browser in the two months since this backup was made but oh well, that's salvageable. Just shows, I hate that I'm forced to use the appdata for things, I'd really like programs to keep everything to their own drive that I backup at their own rate, instead of the old windows "put everything on C" habit >.>

Things aren't the easiest, but dog damn those hard times remind me I have people who care about me, and that keeps me going

And also thanks again to @ZephyrArcturus for this laptop that really helps to keep working and doing moderation here without the pain of having to deal with a touch interface, dog knows those hate me for whatever reason (probably my often literally dead cold hands)

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Let's hope all goes well now, especially with a friend that is planning to send me a new mobo and cpu tomorrow as he thinks it's the mobo that is killing my hardware.
Wouldn't blame him, a gigabyte board? With 4 drives dying within months of one another? A dead GPU? CPU that stopped overclocking at all and sometimes doesn't boot with stock clock? RAM that can't XMP anymore?
All that with a BIOS known to have had issues in the past? Yeaaaah.

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beep from my work laptop
Should be getting the new SSD for my main system tomorrow, so far the sanity check on my backup at least says it's alright even if it's going to be old, and the dead drive was put at the post office so hopefully the refund for it should be coming soon.
With many thanks to @Vyzie for buying me the new drive so I wouldn't need to advance money when I was in a tight spot needing to pay for the vet soon.

I'm without my main machine again.
Amazon will not send a new drive, just refund when I send the drive back.
I'll have to hunt a new drive again and see with people to help me because until I get the refund I just can't afford a replacement.
This is exhausting.

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4 months. That's it. 4 months since I bought this replacement SSD because mine was failing.
And it just died without any warning. Was playing a game that's on another drive, watching a YouTube video in my browser that's on another drive. Suddenly the video stopped, task manager showed 100% usage on C: and before I could do anything, BSOD with a storage error. Reboot, drive doesn't exist anymore.
Tried to use a dock on my laptop to check it. Dock wouldn't initialize with the drive plugged.

-, doc stuff 

So let's see. My doc retired in June, I ended up trying to take an appointment three months ago when the two replacement ones came in for him.
Three months until it came at last, set for 1420. Arrived at 1400.
Wasn't taken in until 1520, only for the doc to tell that... She won't be becoming my appointed doc 'cause she's already got too many people.

Now my old doc was not good at being a doc but, I'd get an appointment within the week and only have him be 30min late to get my turn.

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I used some film that is past its expiration date to print these. I didn't want all this film to be wasted, and actually I liked how these photos look with their colours faded a little bit.

Original tweet:

Oh yeah racc appreciation day!
Appreciating my fellow raccs today!

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money help needed 

Hey my mh has been doing very badly and i haven't been able to work for most of this month, im overdue on some bills and can't pay for food

if you can help, i'd really appreciate it, thanks <3

> lifetime, I expect a minimum of work to remove the user experience breaking bugs out *before* asking me to rake out per year what I would pay for the lifetime license on other launchers, because that's the thing, they are far from alone on the scene, they're newbies when Nova & co are well set at very competitive prices.
I want to love Ratio like I used to, but by the time they would fix it, it'll be even more overpriced. 150 for a lifetime once early bird is out. That's my pay. No thanks.

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After years, I guess it's time to move away from Ratio. Loved that Android launcher but between becoming bloated and halving my battery life, having a growing pile of bugs (pinned widgets don't update unless opening widget panel, scroll back to top whenever going back to launcher, message panel simply not working) and now in this state daring to pass in a paid subscription model... Don't get me wrong, devs deserve to be paid. But when early bird pricing is 3 bucks a month, 16 a year, or 100 a >

Still no improvement, and he seems hesitant in his walk, along the leg bones not being symmetrical, heavily leaning to that bone being dislocated.
That's going to be bad, if we don't find a way to pay for the vet.

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Fluff, might be that the cat unsettled his shoulder, but we don't have the money for a vet to check it out. Gaaaaaah, why is there always something that has to go wrong

6 & 7 checked
Uuuuh. Yeah so, 3 dead floppies (over 200 dead sectors or unreadable)
5 with 2 to 6 dead sectors
1 I need to salvage the data from and reformat before checking (lost format, but got the french MS works dictionary I kinda wanna keep)

The total of 4 dead floppies shall be donated to @ZephyrArcturus to be reused as cupholders/cup covers to stop a certain kitty from drinking stuff she should not

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