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Let's try something.
Fav or boost or reply to this post if you want me to try and write your name.
Can tell me if you prefer black thick nib, or blue thin nib, fancy or square style, if nothing is specified, will do as I see fit for your name!

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In case goes down, you can follow me on @Nomaxice for the backup account, preferably follow it from an alt of course, if meow social ain't available.

I'll try my best there to keep y'all informed of what I know about the issue! :paww_hand: :noma:

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I think I never did proper so...

Heya! :v_paw: I'm :noma: , born 11996-12-20
A β™‚ Lynxcoon, a furry of the macro kind, I post about (mostly macro/micro) furry stuff (kinks tagged), and (mostly retro) πŸ–₯, πŸ“·, 🎧 and πŸ•Ή stuff. I tinker with all that is obsolete πŸ’Ύ and will make nearly anything work, but I'm not saying that it's gonna be done in a clean way.

I'm bi, poly, and not looking.

I'm also the co-admin of which is a furry focused instance, alongside its owner @Tiwy57

Even sick I'll keep snipping down the spam that's reported, bots beware

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"Rhei, a prototype electro-mechanical clock with a liquid ferrofluid display, created by Damjan Stanković in collaboration with Marko Pavlović"


It's funny how a video I uploaded years ago is suddenly getting a spike of activity with new comments

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I wanted to sketch my big boy, Vetal. I forgot his wings because I'm sleepy but I don't think he'll mind.

This is dumb but it makes me happy that the new NAS auto gen a little ASCII thing from its given name.

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Now that this is out of the way, good morning! It's way too early for me!

Please content warn your discourse folks. Not everyone wants to have it slapped to their face.

I thought I'd let it run overnight, but whoops "an error occured"

You can see it struggling, trying so hard to fetch things from the old drives

Can you tell it was REALLY about time I got a new NAS and drives?
I got 160GB to copy at that speed :D

Close to being done setting up my new NAS.
Going from 2 old 300GB (1 5400RMP & 1 7200RPM) 8MB cache 2.5" HDDs in raid1 to 2 new 3000GB 5400RPM 256MB cache 3.5" HDDs in raid0.
That's a BIG change to have so much storage. Plus probably way more reliable so don't have to fear requiring a mirror not to loose data for the time being.

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I'm in that odd place where I want to play stuff but I don't want to at the same time

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