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Oh god I feel sick. I ate so many cough drops, still coughing. My right arm is cold, I’m wearing a hoodie. (The room is warm) It hurts when my eyes move and they FEEL bulgy. (Not sure if they actually are)

Need help in Skyrim.
I need help with the “Darkness returns” thief guild quest. I did the pilgrims’ path up to the Nocturnal statue, but I don’t know what to offer her.

Gross, but triumphant! 

I had a not so pleasant dream. I got captured and was a slave, like on a wheat farm. I wanted to not be a slave, so I beg to leave. Slave-kidnapper dude says he’d release me… if I ate his poo. I was about to comply, then all of the sudden my dream self said “why am I going to do this when I can teleport?”

I teleported into the wheat field. The dream ended. I can’t wait to fall asleep again. If I can perfect lucid dreaming maybe I can eventually free those slaves, lol.

I got an alt account to post my comics on. Please follow @Portio . First four pages coming soon.

Know what would be funni-er??
Putting a 🦍 next to a normal sentence

My dog pooped on the floor 🦍
I hate emojis 🦍
That fire alarm looks like it wants to be pulled 🦍

Existence stinks 😏
I need a new binder 😏
Penguins are awesome 😏
I am going to sue you for unfair hiring practices 😏

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You know what would be funni?

Putting a 😏 next to a normal sentence.

Will you clean the water cooler? 😏

Incorrect interpretation of autism 

What is the most (4chan definition, not actual definition) autistic thing you’ve ever done?

Here’s mine: A few days ago in class, we were studying family trees of animals. Somebody asked “Ms. Teacher, what are mammary glands?” And at the very tip-top of my lungs, I yelled “BOOBIES!”

You get the idea.

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How do you program a bot? I think it would be funny if there was one that took random chains of letters up to 4, or a random word and added “ussy” to the end

George Jetson was born August 31 2022

Will the prophecy be fulfilled? Find out in a little more than three months!

Gender stereotype stinkpost 2! 

(What should I do next?)
Animated children’s movies animals 2!

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