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Thinking about changing my profile pic on here, which one do you think I should go with? 1, 2, or 3? (Check visual descriptions for )

Oops, kinda been forgetting about Mastodon lately. :x

PAX South was amazing just FYI. Can't wait until next year, but next con up will be Furry Fiesta! I still need to find roommates for my room in the main hotel. 🤔

Oh neat, looks like the fediverse is back. Lesson learned. Go into personal issue meltdown and the federated timeline on breaks down. lol

Weird how the fediverse seems to be broken.

But you know, people are starving and dying every day and this is just me complaining about people hating me. This is what being a cyclical mess is like.

I'm not suicidal, but I'd be remiss to not admit that I feel a heavy lacking of importance, love, or really any sense of self-worth or even acknowledgement of my own existence from others right now.

Can't do anything really all that interesting when it's been raining like crazy outside. I feel like a shell of myself right now.

LOL This giant list of fireworks complaints in Austin. I hope Mastodon doesn't butcher this.

So hungry and bored and apparently there's nobody to do anything with in Austin.

Is it 2019 yet? I want to get past 2018 already.

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NorthFur FX Piece 


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