Thinking about changing my profile pic on here, which one do you think I should go with? 1, 2, or 3? (Check visual descriptions for )

LOL This giant list of fireworks complaints in Austin. I hope Mastodon doesn't butcher this.

NorthFur FX Piece+ 

A friend of mine on Discord took one of my pics and added NorthFur's cat ears and gave me cat eyes. Now I'm a real cat! :9

NorthFur FX Piece 

That way y'all don't miss out on the fun. I went full cat!


So tired, but there are so many people still in the lobby!

Fallout 76 

Yes, I bought the Power Armor Edition and didn't cancel my pre-order. I'm awful, but the helmet is pretty awesome!

Stupid People and Political Correctness 

For fuck's sake. There are some really stupid people in this fandom that are completely selfish and have no concept of social graces. People are going to die from this hurricane and you're calling it beautiful? God fucking damn.


Wow, I actually legitimately like this forecast. Out of the 90s? Yes please.

NSFW Inanimate Transformation 

Just doing a large image test with a commission I got a couple years ago to see how Mastodon handles images that are large and long vertically.

Limited Edition Pendulum Album Porn 

This came in last week! Vinyl AND CD!

TF stuff 

Hmm...Time for a content warning/TF post test. :P

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