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🔥 Capitalism, education 

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So @HonorableThief bought me this poster for my birthday and it couldn't be more on brand

If I haaaad a magic swo-ord,
(if I haaad a magic swo-ord)

I would go, "For the Honor of Grayskull!"
(but not a real for the honor of grayskull that's cruel)

Idea: tandem bike but middle handlebars removed and seats modified so taurs can ride them

(img src

@piebald is that a playstation thing or

oh wait I get it

@Zeny Yes, this was well before graphics or graphic interfaces or even my first steps on the web. My interface was a 80x25 text mode screen, with the most online thing I could do was email. Which only sent/received once a day. So it could be 2-3 days before I could expect a reply.

And the game I played most often I actually turned off color so it would run faster.

@Zeny My first dial-up was 2400 bps, less than half of that! :D

I didn't see the point of anything faster at the time though, because even with ansi color codes text still came through just slightly faster than I could read it.

And with good transfer protocols I could download a whole floppy disk worth of content in about an hour and a half!

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:drake_dislike: Interest charges

:drake_like: monthly tithes to the church of capitalism

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Rats can learn to drive tiny cars around an arena in exchange for a food reward. Their hormone levels suggest they seem to find going for a drive relaxing

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white people love prayer bc it combines meditation and asking to speak to the manager

Subject: hi 

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@stokes is this it? *holds up a rocking horse draped with a rubber tarp*

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