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Your Neighborhood Friend, the macro who's been content to sprawl out long enough that they've built city streets and medium-density residential and commercial structures on them, and is willing to put up with this while the street festivals stay interesting enough.

Two hours to go and I'm on 11 day staycation \o/

and I have no work left to do

break time

@keetahspacecat apparently according to my doctor kneeling is the actual correct way to do things, bending over at the waist is bad

my counter was well it hurts less to bend over than to kneel on my bad knee

but after trying, at least in my case, it leads to knee pain that goes away later vs worse back pain that keeps me up at night

still back pain, but less bad, so I'm going to get knee pads for work

@Leucrotta what am I saying of course you want lore and artwork if given the chance

There's also the level 1 characters from the Starter Set, also available as PDF, which include premade choices and self-contained level-up instructions to 5, which is great to give to a beginner and let them have experience growing up before they make the plunge to make their own character.

@roxy I like side, a little cuter/doofier. But I'm biased as thinking of side eyes = prey = non-threatening, front eyes = predator = watch out for attacks.

@Leucrotta If you haven't seen it already, there's a bunch of basic monsters in the 5e SRD if you're fine with just stat blocks and no lore/pictures. Even with a MM it's easy to have the book open to a complex monster with your phone having a block for a gnoll lackey.

4e maps are very reusable for 5e, if you use maps and minis at all. For simple encounters I wouldn't bother, but it helps with a setpiece encounter.

WotC's site has premade PCs of every class and level 1-20 too, in PDF.

@keetahspacecat they're soff? idk I haven't heard anything new lately is a cool instance

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Here’s a bun for you. I ask for nothing in return.

@sutter I misread that as pogo at first and I was like yes, I am here for the hopping up and down

pogs works too, I'll bring my ALF slammer

@arb oh shoot I need to do laundry too, I'll start mine at 1:30 am

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