late night I-should-be-asleep-already thought:

you ever think that like in the future

spiders won't spin webs anymore

they'll advance technologically and build small gravitic force fields instead

which does the same thing except ooo futuristic sci-fi

okay goodnight

@Siphonay there is a really distinct lack of crosses in game now that i think about it

politics, nazis, comics 

TIL there's a version of captain america that needs to be punched in the fuckin face

can you be fired for being gay or trans in the US? 

@AndyBirdwhistle oh yes, when I was fired for being gay under a different employer they came up with other excuses; and even then it was at-will and they don't have to provide a reason if they don't want to

can you be fired for being gay or trans in the US? 

@AndyBirdwhistle Ah, yes, I didn't have room to include state protection for each, and was indeed talking about at the federal level. I'm in a state that does not have such protections, except if a company has such a provision in their employee contact then the state will enforce it. My employer does not have such a provision, so closet I stay.

can you be fired for being gay or trans in the US? 

apparently this is still undecided? anyone with a better understanding of law feel free to chip in with details or a link to a good summary

are two cases still "before the Supreme Court" that had oral arguments in October 2019

I haven't been able to find anything happening after, esp not a decision

recipe thoughts, american "cheese" 

I now know enough about cooking to be wary when I see a recipe call for "a slice of cheese". That probably means that they're American, and mean a slice of Processed Cheese Food* (*not technically allowed to call itself just 'cheese'). If that is the culinary palate base of the recipe, it may be worth checking out other recipes.

@Kitzune Hello and welcome! There's been a few trolls joining recently and spreading some really horrific things before they get a chance to be booted out, in case you're sensing we got our hackles raised a bit.

rainbow capitalism 

the denim chaps depicted are part of Levi's Pride collection, centered around the slogan "Use your voice!"

It feels sickening to see "use your voice" as a Pride slogan, when voices were used for ages, and it took a trans woman throwing a brick at a cop starting a riot to actually get voices heard.

Especially with current events.

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@wolfpede still with two legs, but now four wings

@Siphonay I've seen "streamer" be used incorrectly to refer to people who make videos. Don't know how much that would actually take off.

@byte ah, ok, that, yes

I was worried something escalated super bad past that somewhere and was afraid to look

@byte no pressure, but care to elaborate?

i lost track of the number of "I never thought it could happen but it happened"s in, like, 2017

Do Plush furries and Dog furries get along? Is there an armistice in place for toys with consciousness and agency?

I heard something today that clicked. "Being an ally means being an intern."

If you're acting on behalf of somebody else, make sure you listen to them, and act the way they need you to act.

Something else I heard goes with this. "Helping in a way you have not been asked to help is not helping."

Don't fight because you hate cops. Fight because you care about black people.

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