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I love that my phone autocorrects this

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@lilyprincessem At least in the US: You didn't specifically license that particular version, so that would be copyright infringement. Even downloading an unlicensed "backup" of something you own is copyright infringement. If you bought a CD, you can rip it to mp3, but you can't download the mp3. If you own a Super Mario Bros cart, you can use tools to dump the cart to a rom, but you can't download a rom off the internet.

@ludantored (I'd make a joke about nah, IE 2 used waaaaaay less RAM, but it doesn't really add anything to your legit point)

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Actually, what you're referring to as Linux is just one small component, what you're thinking of is GNU's Monster

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@Elizafox or "It's not Adam's apple, it's mine, I grew it myself"

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Instance admins:

Could you please, *please*, try to refrain from using not-new-user-friendly slang like "tag" when you mean the CW system, or image hiding?

I've run across nsfw and porn that is clearly using the hashtags "nsfw" and "porn" but not a CW or hidden image. So they're probably trying to comply with the spirit of the rules, just are unfamiliar with informal slang.

If you mean CW, say CW. If you mean mark media as sensitive, say mark media as sensitive.

@Zeny I was into the newsgroups and email before this whole web thing took off

not very far mind you, I barely knew how to operate it, but I was browsing and reading the Tiny Toon Adventures fanfiction mailing list before I got access to the www at home

@Zeny wow, I never thought anyone considered the dc pirate-proof; I thought one of the (many) reasons it failed was it was so easy to pirate

I had no interest in piracy on it but I liked messing with homebrew, it was the first console I used to emulate an SNES, so I didn't have to switch around wires so much

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