I powered through Friday despite not feeling my best, and I've got the weekend to recover with only a couple low-key things

very thankful to have a weekend

@noiob I thought they were actually little personal memory cards at first. Disappointed to find out they weren't. I still have a couple, but nothing that reads them.

@sky I try even when it's really obvious

also it's kind of surprising how mainstream ish Mastodon/fediverse is getting when spambots can do automated registration and posting for such mundane things like "marketing" or "increase web traffic"

idea: an pauper cube where every card has googly eyes glued to it

@Lunostophiles why are there nine

is it so everybody has access to pet cats on each of their lives?

bc if so that's so thoughtful

everybody should have access to pet cats
or rather all cats, regardless of the stages of their lives, deserve to have access to someone who will pet them

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the ship of theseus problem: if you have a ship, and both characters end up getting played by different actors/VAs partway through the series, is it still the same ship

This is only the second time it's happened, ever, but I LOVE when Google Translate gives me results after just ONE English > Other Language > Back to English cycle.

#MtG #GoogleTranslatesMtG #NakedSingularity

Art by: marktedin.com/http://www.markt

@WhiteClaw *hops on the big kitty boat as is smol and lightweight*

@stokes Yes, definitely. I would greatly prefer if anyone switches around displayed characters to have a pinned toot describing those characters so I don't mix them up, or get lost if I suddenly see someone I don't remember following show up in my Home timeline.

Hee. Spotted on Jumbo Commander's yt video on card alters.

original & alter artist: Aaron Miller aaronbmiller.com/

"What kind of bits do you have?"
My nose is made of sugar candy!

"What are you?"
I'm chocolate!
"Are you a boy or a girl?"
I'm a bunny!
"No I mean what's in your pants?"
i'M hOLLoW iNsIDe

@BattyTeh Most notably, Pleroma grew out of GNUSocial I think, the original software that started the Fediverse, and has grown to be a feature-complete competitor to Mastodon, using the same APIs, and popular for small or single-user instances due to its light weight. I think it was little work, if any at all, to get Mastodon clients to work with Pleroma instances, so that's probably why they did that.

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