TIL African painted wolves hold meetings and vote on when it's a good time to go out looking for food. Usually if the pack leader decides one way or the other, they go along with it, but can be overridden if enough others disagree. And they also make sure to bring plenty of food back, not just for the young, but to care for the injured and elderly too.

Are they Democratic Socialists? ;)

so when are they going to remake the original ghost busters

when I get two L names mixed up
(source unknown, feel free to reply if you find)

I don't know the context of where this came from, but I immediately thought of @Lunostophiles

I need to find what episode of Tom and Jerry this sequence is from. As noticed at the 1m mark of this Animated Evolution of Tom and Jerry video youtu.be/vTrjjtg4P-Q

(cartoonish stretching and malleability, distress, eye contact)

implied vore 

that the spikes at the end of a stegosaurus tail is called a Thagomizer. It was named by happenstance by Gary Larsen in a Far Side comic strip in 1982. Previously there was no specific name for it.



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