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TIL there's a version of captain america that needs to be punched in the fuckin face

Thanks to everyone pointing out that the cover illustration was done by famous artist/cartoonist/writer Moebius (Jean Henri Gaston Giraud) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Gir

Also, here are some images of Clarissa doing some programming in the early 90s. As I alluded, this is the first time I saw someone doing programming on TV, let alone developing her own indie micro-games. Some kind of Amiga I think?

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Randomly delighted by the design and presentation of the Matra & Hachette Ordinateur Alice series of home computers from the mid 1980s.

Along with Melissa Joan Hart's performance in Clarissa Explains It All, this solidified my belief that this is what the typical computer programmer looked like.

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I guess my GI system really really didn't like that spicy food I had for lunch because wow it's Very Angery as it leaves

I cannot sit, I cannot stand, I cannot walk, I can only lay here for a while until my butt is less Angery

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I really have a feeling this image is auto-generated from a stock model and simulated rendered image, because that's not really the kind of face I'd associate with that image.

I'm shopping for face coverings for work that my stuck-up workplace would find acceptable and inoffensive, and sadly this doesn't fit.

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oh Elmer, you can play switch with me any day

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