D&D, poll 

Hm, still planning my game, and I still need to fill out an NPC role of Skilled Hireling. I've narrowed it down to two ideas:
Outgoing perky goth vampire (pink glitter eyeshadow, skulls, rainbow stripes)
Shy nerdy werewolf (rippling with furry muscles but very embarrassed about it)

non binding poll:

Shy nerdy werewolf seems to be super popular. I'll run with it.

big booming voice

never knows what to do with his hands, which are massive paws that could crush your head

slouches to try not to be so imposingly tall, fails, and is super embarrassed by it

responds to any compliment with "I'm so sorry!" and runs away

D&D, poll 

@Mycroft The vampire you're describing is basically Draculaura from from the Monster High fashion doll line.

D&D, poll 

@Vordus Oh, one of the players actually collected a few dolls of that general type, that might weigh things.

@Mycroft Slouching to be considerate is a really good character trait.

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