the most ludicrous thing about 'tHe EcOnOmY' as a reason for lifting covid restrictions is that just giving people money would be better for the economy in every measurable way

i think in the same way normal people assume capital works like money works for them, capitalists assume normal people accumulate money like they do instead of spending it

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capitalism wondering 

@esvrld one idea I had was middle class really didn't understand the problem of not having enough money. If they couldn't afford a huge house, they could always get a slightly smaller big house. If they couldn't budget fancy restaurants, they could go to cheaper restaurants. If they couldn't get a luxury car, they could get a midrange car. The error in thinking was that everything scaled, and they assumed there was an affordable option for everyone instead of a hard floor.

capitalism wondering 

Yes, a #UBI would be a step in the right direction.

The race to the bottom needs to stop, kids are increasingly growing up with #mentalProblems and #developmentalProblems because they are basically forced to eat garbage and/or live in #apartments with little access to #useable #greenSpace.

The #CEOclass use tricks to encourage #workers to accept worse and worse #workingConditions over time. A UBI reduces the amount of abuse the #sociopath can inflict.


capitalism wondering 

@Mycroft 'simply dip into your savings :)))' not comprehending poor people don't have thousands just lying around

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