monads/snouts meta summary w/links (322 words, cw: alt-right meme mention) 

1. RussellsBarbershopQuartet, a Jewish user on monads dot online, posts a reply to a thread about Zionism:

2. The reply gets reported.

3. Dankwraith, monads admin, decides there was no rules violation...

4. ...and then screenshots the report (which happens to be from snouts dot online) to sling an intelligence-based insult at the anonymous reporter for reporting the post from 1 for antisemitism: (fig. 1)

5. Shel, a Snouts user who happens to be dating a Snouts admin, replies to a thread from dankwraith where dankwraith continues to post about how ridiculous it is to report a Jewish user for antisemitism - - to say that making public threads mocking people for sending reports that could well be in good faith is a bad thing: (fig. 2)

6. DemoWeasel, A Snouts user - not a mod (some people say ex-mod?) and not previously involved in any of this - makes a comment about a past moderation argument, gets a hostile reply, and then dismisses that reply with an alt-right meme.

(Specifically, the Clown World one. LexYeen linked to a thing about it in with appropriate caveats.)

7. LuigiEsq on mastodon dot social screenshots this and describes it as "a Snouts mod calling everyone evil shitposters and then sending a Pepe to a native person the minute they get criticized." (fig. 3)

8. DemoWeasel acknowledges being called out, apologizes, deletes the post, says he'll look into the folks using it to see if they're ignorant or fash (not bothering to screenshot because it's irrelevant).

As far as we can tell, that's the context of everything so far. There's also a lot of incidental ableism we didn't mention because it's not part of the discourse.

- Packmantis 🦗

clarifying note re: monads/snouts meta summary 

Someone brought up that this wasn't particularly clear, so to be explicit:

LuigiEsq misrepresented the situation.

DemoWeasel was apparently a mod for a little while (we don't know the dates) but stepped down voluntarily before any of this happened.

What Demo posted was a two-word phrase that was designed by the alt-right to seem innocent out of context, not an image publicly and indelibly (and somewhat tragically, given its harmless origins) associated with the alt-right that someone would have to actually track down or already have on their hard drive to have access to.

Demo was told by friends that what he posted was a fash meme and deleted it himself, almost immediately, with an apology and a statement of intent to act better.

LuigiEsq misrepresented the situation, and that misrepresentation seems to have taken off. I included links to the original stuff so people would know what the heck people are talking about, not because what people are saying is true.

- 🦗


clarifying note re: monads/snouts meta summary 

@packbat (personal opinions) oh, I realized this is the same person (LuigiEsq) that has been complained about as a mod on m.s so much that a handful of instances I know of have straight up defeded with m.s (after asking for them to take the role more serious got met with screenshot dunking mockery)

not telling other people what to do but I feel affirmed in blocking myself

ableism meta, possibly just a hint of snark re: clarifying note re: monads/snouts meta summary 

@Mycroft yes, LuigiEsq is in fact the exact same person who made some ableist posts and then publicly mocked the people who reported their ableist posts last week. And then claimed that people were cancelling them for making a crass joke. It's really indicative, frankly.

- 🦗

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